1.3m BT landline customers face bill hike of up to £54/yr

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Now there’s a surprise,BT Obviously think they are missing out on this extra money so thats why customers are leaving but forcing people onto the package is not always a smart move

I weighed up the options and added the Anytime calls option to my landline package with my previous provider ages ago and it brought my costs down lots then i realised people in the household were making certain mobile calls (inc me) so i looked at this again and weighed up the mobile add-on and call charges so changed the calls package to include mobiles and it brought my bills back down to a respectable level.

Its all a case of research and minor changes to make a good impact but i wouldnt be without a Decent Calls Package these days eh @Alex :smiley:

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I seem to remember that we did something similar when I worked at Sky. That seemed a little more thought out than BT’s choice though.

They assessed who made calls and who didn’t; then moved those who didn’t to PAYG and those who did to an unlimited plan (but they could opt out and go down to PAYG if they wanted). Seems better than a blanket move.



Sky back in the early days were awesome when obtaining customers…the tech support tried hard but couldnt fix many basic issues so i left as well…but the deals were great.

But i do love my unlimited call packages these days to keep my costs under control.

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