£60 fee payment

I’m sure this has been answered elsewhere but I’m swamped right now and don’t have time to look!
I’ve just set up with Cuckoo and was wondering when the £60 is due to come out my account? Is it in a months time on my first payment date? Or will it be before then, as a separate payment to my broadband bills?


Hi @PipiRose. Welcome to the community! Happy for once I beat @PhantomR1982 to the welcome on this. He’s slacking in his old age :older_man: :joy:

Your £60 will get taken out a couple of days after you first switch online. This helps us fund the connection cost we have to pay Openreach. Your first monthly bill will arrive the first full month you’re with Cuckoo. So if you went live on 15th of November you’d get your bill late December for half of November and all of December. From Jan onwards, your bills will be £29.99 unless you make landline calls.

Hope that helps! And it took me a while initially to work the above all out when we first started it up!



Hi Alex thank you for the welcome! And the reply out of office hours! That’s awesome service :grin:
That all makes sense thank you very much :blush:

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I do believe there was a post from @tommy about the £60 payment being “Three Days” after you sign up that it will be taken from your direct debit details.

I do understand you said you did things in a hurry and didnt have time to look through all the posts to find the answer but thats what this community is here for. :smiley:

Anytime you have questions just ask away and one of us orrible lot will get back to you.


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