Account Been Setup (Email Address Protected)

Dear all,

Just signed up using the above email address for an account. We are running a business from this location and would need a VAT Invoice.

Furthermore, we would need an install date/activation data asap.

From previous confirmations with Engineers, we do not believe an engineer is needed but we await your findings.

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Hi @mikaeel, if you drop us a message tomorrow, we should be able to check this for you.

I can see you have just placed your order, so once Openreach accept the order overnight, this is when we should know if an engineer is added to the order or not.


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Hiya @mikaeel & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

For Your Security I’ve had to “Edit The Topic Title” of your post slightly to protect your Email Address so if your wondering what happened this is the reason.

Normally if you put an email address in the message body of a post the Community Software removes this automatically in much the same way but I’ve had to do this manually on this occasion.

The Cuckoo Team will see your Email Address and order on there systems so theres no worry for this being removed.

Activation Dates are Estimated within a 14 Working Day Timeframe at the point of you signing up for an account on the website and will be shown to you at the top of the form unless you wish to change this for a later one up to 2 years in the future.

If theres any issues then you will be updated via the email address that you used to signup or the mobile number if provided.

The First Invoice is normally a Month after your Go Live date has passed with the service and will be listed on your online account & also there will be a timeline chart up to the activation date with some of these expected dates as things progress as @oliver has mentioned.

Hope This Clears Up Any Confusion.

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Dear all,

I would have two Connections at this address - this would include Virgin Media and Cuckoo.

Can you please let Openreach know this.

Is there anyway we can have the GO Live date any earlier than the 2nd of March?

Hi @mikaeel, as Virgin Media does not use the Openreach network, they would not interfere with this (i.e. they would not trigger cancellation).

Under Ofcom regulation, we are required to wait 10 working days to switch your connection on, therefore this cannot be sooner.


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