Address isn't listed

We’re moving to a new house and really want to stick with Cuckoo. You’ve been great! Alas, when we enter our postcode our address isn’t listed :frowning:

While I can appreciate you can’t serve everywhere, I am skeptical that our new place is not one of them.

  • We have a BT Openreach ethernet socket inside the property
  • Our address is frequently missing as an option on many other websites too
  • There are a set of addresses that don’t exist, but share the same door numbers as all of the missing addresses. Including ours

We’ve tentatively arranged for the address we think is ours to be the new address, but would it be possible to verify this?

Hey @bradsharp we are able to look more in detail about missing addresses if you email us

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, likely later in the weekend or Monday as we’ve finished for the day now.

Kind Regards