Allow MagicLink to be used on nominated device

I appreciate the security of MagicLinks for logging on. However, although I can access on my work laptop, I cannot access my personal email/address that MagicLink is sent to.
Perhaps a solution would be if manually typing the MagicLink on the work laptop also verified my credentials.
That would be enough for me, but for added security, if you wish you could have 1 secure device nominated per account e.g. so any device that the link is clicked on can login as usual + the nominated device could if magiclink used on that.

What do you think of this @afenton90?

Hey @MattJKing71 thanks for your feedback on Magic Links. Having a nominated device for your account is a nice idea and something we’ll consider in the next iteration of Magic Links.

We are constantly trying to find the balance between ease of use and security when it comes to getting into your account. So feedback is appreciated in this area.

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YW. Definitely feedback not a moan.
Cuckoo is clearly staffed by people who know about technology and think about UX/CX.
Really happy to contribute suggestions, and very confident you’ll triage an CI pragmatically :+1: :+1:

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