Anything I need to prepare for engineer to come?

Just curious what i need to prepare for, especially for times like this, as there are not much instruction in the email.
the reason I asked is because I’ve set up my whole home office system near the router so might need at least 1-2 days to move furniture and setting around and make the easy access to the area.


Hiya @vicci & Welcome to the Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

When an engineer is despatched to you they normally give you around a 30 minute warning by phonecall to say they are on the way.

They will also ask a few questions related to the covid status in your home as well.

Are you expecting the engineer to install or fix an issue as this was a little unclear at the moment from what you’ve said above but all they really need is access to the Master Telephone Socket where the Cuckoo Router is plugged in and a couple of free power sockets for there testers if its to test/install a line.

So as long as the Master “OpenReach” Socket is accessible to them then you wouldn’t really need to rearrange your Home/Office that much.

Hope This Helps.

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Hi @vicci ,

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Just to add to @PhantomR1982 's points, who is your old provider? If you’re currently with a provider on the Openreach network (e.g. BT, Sky, Plusnet, TalkTalk etc) then there shouldn’t be much disruption to your office setup as the engineer will try and use the same Master Socket.

Hope that helps

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Hi, thank you for the reply. I’m currently with Virgin and the contract will end after my activate date with you so i have some buffer time just in case things are delayed. I would have guess it will need to install in the same socket etc?

We use a different socket from Virgin, which may or may not need to be installed when the engineer arrives depending on if there is one already there.

Do you know if you have a white socket in the house which says ‘Openreach’ on it? If you ever had a landline, it will likely be that same socket!

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Ahhh now we are getting somewhere @vicci :smiley:

Virgin Media has there own network which is different to the “Openreach” Equipment and in some occasions where they are restricted they do use there network as a backup.

Now…as you stated you have put the order through so Im guessing here that checks were done to see if there was either an Active Openreach Line into your property and whether or not you needed a new line or number as you cant always bring your number across from virgin media.

The Openreach socket should be near your front door and look like
this image below or similar but maybe slightly different.

to have the Cuckoo service put onto and then the router plugged into as per the white cable you see on the left to my router and your normal phoneline gets plugged in on the right.

(there is a microfilter dongle in the box that may not be needed to be used in this situation however)

If there is a line there then thats fine but if its a disconnected socket/New Line being Installed additional charges may have to added to activate this seperate to the Cuckoo Setup Charge which is set by Openreach.

@tommy @oliver @jake can look into this for you.

Upon setting the Cuckoo Service Up you can then (if you havent done so already) put in your 30 Day Termination with Virgin Media as Openreach Providers can’t negotiate cancellations with Internet Providers outside of there network.

Hope This isnt too confusing for you :confounded: :confused:

Thank you for the very detailed reply! This is very helpful.

Sadly I found there is no socket like such and wonder how the additional charges will be like.

Hiya @vicci

Im just getting clarification on this
for you but one of the team or myself should update this post as soon as we know

While there is a pricelist here :-

This does need confirmation from the Teams side as they have the live systems to see what I cant.

It was actually the Virgin Media Point You Made that got the attention.

Hi there everyone, especially @vicci - I’m here to hopefully save the day.

So the install fee, that £60, that we pay directly to Openreach details a key number of things that they have to do to get you connected. This includes installing a brand new NTE, or master socket as the kids call it, in your home.

To set any expectations, it may take a tiny little bit longer than your go-live date to connect you. This would only be if there is just completely no wiring or the engineer cannot locate the socket.

This process is known as track and locate - and takes a few days as they may have to try and find where the line comes into your property. This also comes at no additional cost.

The only way we would charge you as a customer would be in the following scenarios:

  • Missed Openreach appointment visits (these are charged at £80) - we would need you to be available at your appointment for any install works.
  • Aesthetic movement of the master socket (for show, or to make it look nice against your newly painted walls) - Openreach aren’t running these works at the moment but it would be £50 for this.

I hope this clears stuff up for you - if not - shout us an email at