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Hi all
Had the router delivered on 22nd Aug as go live date was on 24th.
Openreach engineer came out on 26th and confirmed everything was good to go.
Router plugged in straight away and all neccessary lights come on apart from internet which flashes red.
Communication up until go live date was first class. Since go live date we haven’t had any communication of note. No text or emails to say “You are live!” have arrived yet.

Have logged into wifi and get the PPP Auth failure and the message saying that the DGA0122 is reporting username/password are incorrect.
Delved into the admin console to see the username of with an obfuscated password… so tried the PPP user/pass combo and get the same result.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello @Lily_West,

If you email to then one of the team will be able to assist. Please note as it’s a bank holiday today there are only a few members of the team into today.

Kind Regards

Hello Edd, or Mikkie or whoever - I have no access yet and I need someone to help me !!!

As per e-trail - please call Anthony on [number removed] ! This is getting silly ! I need to work !!

Edd is allegedly expected to contact us today - but no one has responded to my messages, and apparently no one cares. See msg dropping Edd in it below and my reply below that.

One of our Broadband Eggspert’s has replied to your message (24950)

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Mikkie (Cuckoo Internet)

30 Aug 2021, 15:38 BST

Hi [name removed]​

I believe you’ve been speaking to Edd on the forum and from the description, you’ve given it might be best answered by him.

He’s back on Wednesday, so I’ve popped this over to him to answer on his return.

Hello @Lily_West,

There’s been a bit of miscommunication. I apologise for this, but today is my last day of annual leave and I’m not back in the office until tomorrow. Please call in on 02033897211 and my colleagues will be able to help.

Kind Regards

Sorry Edd - enjoy your annual leave ! [ and don’t check your work email :slight_smile: ]