Billing could be clearer

Just a quick one - had my first bill - no problem with the amount makes sense… But what is confusing is the graph above… So last month shows £60 service charge - but this month shows £29,99 service charge and £29,99 internet charge - which is the confusing bit!

Should it just be £29,99 Internet charger every month? not sure someone needs to know the breakdown that much - as to them it’s one and the same.

Or am I just reading it all wrong? In which case do tell me as I want to be able to understand it as you created it :slight_smile:

Hi Peter,

Send me your email over pm, ill make sure you received the correct communications.


Hi Pete,

I’m assuming you mean this part of the email we send (in red):

As you can see it shows the date range of the charge, in this example its 12.99 (if you started part-way through the month) and the current bill charge.

Could you explain how we could make this clearer?


HI @dan

No I meant the graph that goes with it (in the view bills area of the Portal) - I have to change my keyboard as I am using a Mac keyboard on a PC and can’t work out how to screenshot.


OH! Thanks for the clarification, we’ve noticed a bug in there and we’ll be putting in a hotfix sometime soon. Thanks for bringing it up @PeteC


Okay thanks. You already got it which is good :slight_smile:

Hi @PeteC,

This should be fixed now, have a look



Hi @Insung

Thank you - it has :slight_smile:


Love a good hotfix. Ty @Insung :call_me_hand: