Billing System ~ Am I missing something?

I notice on the Dashboard that my next billing payment is due 24th May.

My go live date was 16th April and my initial bill was 30th March

I’ve looked in the dashboard but only see my initial bill for £60. Am I missing something or are the bills only available after the payment date?


Hey Ian @mouse12mat

Mine is the same. I signed up on the 12th of April and the £60 was taken on the 15th of April - I was active on the 26th of April (as I just plugged in to set up something and it was working) with my go live date being the 28th of April.

It’s all rather confusing I must admit!

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Hiya @mouse12mat (Ian)

The billing system is a strange beast as you will see nearer your Actual bill date.

Your First Real Cuckoo Bill will always be the most expensive as it will be the days left in your Go Live connection month 16th April 2021 → 30th April 2021 then the following Month 1st May 2021 to the 30th/31st May 2021. (If there is one)

My billing date is around the 22nd and the payment comes out on the 25th but it’s still rounded up to the 30th/31st.

There was a few initial early issues where the billing system didn’t generate the Connection Charge Invoice but im glad to hear that it is being generated now correctly.

Then from each month on it should just be the flat fee as set out on the billing date plus any additional charges such as any calls made if any etc.

You should also get emails from “Go Cardless” and “Cuckoo” when your invoice is put onto your online account.

Below is snapshots of how I see my bills.

As you can see on the second screenshot it’s slightly higher at £33.48 as there’s call charges been added to this bill of £3.49 but other than these this is how the bill will look on your dashboard going forward.

I did notice scrolling down my dashboard this morning that there was a Billing Due Date of 24th May same as you did even though I know it’s wrong for me.

however I’m inclined to ignore this myself and just blame @afenton90 (just because I can :crazy_face: )

I do recall that on the journey timeline when the connection is being setup that the last date on this non movable timeline did actually have the correct billing date a month after going live.

However I can just guess this is when they want the money by rather than the next actual billing date as i’d be pulling the customers Actual Billing Date info on the system but I can’t see where the system is pulling this date from so as @dan is the one who spends a lot of time on this side of things it’s worth asking for his view on this.

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Hi @PhantomR1982

Many thank for that explanation I’m not concerned as to the value of the invoice, jut when it will appear, as my employer pays for my 2nd internet connection :).


Hiya @mouse12mat (Ian)

I’d wait and see if you get anything late in the day on the 22nd to see if you get any emails but I see @jake is lurking around at the moment so he maybe able to quickly find out for you or maybe @becca will see this post.

If you want to know your exact date I’d email in to the team as this will be an easy question for them to answer on

Lucky you that your boss pays for your internet connection you have a good one there don’t let them out of your sight :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I thought It would have been easier to show you the above from an account with history.

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Nice :slight_smile:
This is temp for me - as soon as FTTP is here I am gone from the whole pathetic BTO system!

Hey @mouse12mat!

So your invoice actually gets generated on the 24th of May - with the payment due a few days after this.

You’ll get the email to say we’re taking money out of your account on X day - this will come from our payment partner GoCardless.

Hope this helps - if not shout us at



Hey @jake

It says the 24th on my side too yet it gets raised on the 22nd and paid out on the 25th of each month so I can see where Ian is Confused.

I think @Dan needs to be renamed “Confusus”

Just to note: we take payments on the 24th but due to BACS we need to notify you & then depending on your bank it will take 3 business days. We do clearly state this within communications when we send invoices so we should reflect some better text within my account.

@PhantomR1982 should be renamed to “I’m going to confuse people with word vomit”

Ooohhhhh now Thats Eviiiiilllllll @dan

But I’ll let you have that one. :laughing:

It’s not my fault I like writing essays :crazy_face: or full explanations.

Full explanations that don’t cover the subject properly is a concern to me.

I’d like to take my Annual Holiday Starting Effective Tomorrow now thanks Boss.