Broadband Not Connected

My service went live on the 21st April. I connected the router as per the instructions but the status light was red. I’ve tried all the ports in the house with different filters and DSL cables but still the red light. I’ve connected a phone and I get a clear line with no crackling and the number I’ve been given works. I looked at the router page and it says “no DSL signal” is this something I can fix or is it an Openreach job?

Hiya @andy_parker & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

I’m sorry to hear it’s been a couple of days like this as this is not what the Cuckoo Team aim for on Go Live Dates.

While that’s a strange occurance where the phoneline is active but there’s no DSL service after 30 minutes of receiving a Go Live Text Message & plugging in your Cuckoo Router from the team I think the best thing to do is call in or email as I’m limited on what I can access through the Community for security reasons however I do wish I could check lines etc.

By calling in or emailing it creates a support ticket on your account that the Cuckoo Team can access and update you on as to what the cause maybe.

Have you tried removing the Master Socket Faceplate (if you have one) on your OpenReach Socket and plugging the router and phone/microfilter directly into its test socket to see if the service is fully alive.

You can send screenshots of this (only one per post) on this thread to show what your seeing or how your plugged in and I can try and help further.

I’ll see if Cuckoo’s Head of Tech @dan is still around as he may have access to the systems as he was here briefly.

I’ll also flag this up to @Oliver & @Becca & @jake to see if they are aware of any issues but this may not be looked at until tomorrow.

Hi @andy_parker, ill raise this up with our support team @Oliver should be able to delegate it to an agent for you.

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I’ve approached this problem on two fronts and I have a ticket raised for this (12729). After trying the router on all three sockets with two different filters and ADSL leads I was getting the same result, a red light for broadband. I rang yesterday and insisted on an engineer attending. He tested all the sockets and found everything in order but he told me the router was not working properly. I reported this and I’ve been told a new router is on the way in 3-5 working days. This will mean I will be without the service for more than a week and I hope this will be taken off my bill. The box the router came in was a little ripped perhaps by the postman trying to get it in the letterbox. I’ve had to take this morning off work to stay for the engineer as I cannot work from home because I’m classed as a frontline worker. Having helplines open 9-5 in the week doesn’t help me either as I’m at work. Lets hope things improve.

Hiya @andy_parker

Thanks for letting the team know,they did wait and see if you replied over the weekend or via email when i alerted them of this as the community is monitored out side of these hours as well as during the day.

The replacement routers can normally be quicker than this 24/48 hours but the support team have to allow for 3-5 days incase of any issues at the warehouse.

Just make a note of when you actually get service if it is indeed the router when it arrives and keep an eye on when your first bill is raised on the dates as it’s normally a pro-rata amount from when you go live for example 5 or 10 days to the end of the connection month then the month ahead in full to bring you in line with the flat rate going forwards.

There should also be a prepaid returns bag sent to you for the old faulty router to be returned as well.

As it’s only a small team at present there has to be a normal work/life balance however just as a feedback question from your Point Of View for the team What would you think would be an acceptable opening/closure time for your Internet Provider over the likes of other services ?? This can be invaluable feedback in the company improvement process in the future.

Hi @andy_parker, I have just responded to your email.

I can see this looked to be a fault on the line, however can since see the engineer advised to try a replacement router. The replacement device is on its way to you now and should be with you shortly.


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New router came today. Everything now working fine.

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Glad to hear this @andy_parker

just out of interest were they both the same model router you had before and the replacement.

If you need any help in the future just leave a post or email in and someone WILL get back to you.

Got the new router yesterday with return bag. What do I need to do with it? Do I just stick it in the letterbox or do I need to drop it off at a post office?

@andy_parker this can be put in the letterbox, or dropped off at the post office. As long as the shipping label can be seen, there should be no issues.

Can anyone tell me the outcome of the testing? I’m assuming from the silence and non-charge that it was faulty it would be nice to know.

I see I’ve been charged for the whole month plus a bit extra, 21 April to 28 May if memory serves me right. Considering all the problems I’ve had i.e. no broadband due to faulty equipment (almost a week), taking time off for a BT visit, and non-connection for a wide range of wi-fi equipment I think I’m due a refund of some type. More poor customer service. This should have been automatic I shouldn’t have to ask for this. I am extremely disappointed. It’s cost me almost £100 for three weeks of poor broadband. OK moving quicker than expected was not your problem and I accept that but the rest has been appalling.