Broadband speed: 74mb/s average

Hi Cuckoo community,

I wanted to ask a question about upload and download speed.

Cuckoo says my average mb/s in my area is 74mb/s but I would like to know the approx upload & download speed separately.

My current household internet in a different area has an upload speed of: 6.38 mb/s & download: 21.2mb/s.

I’m keen to know the split of the above - would anyone know? I’m organising an online event and need to be online speaking & sharing my screen etc… so keen to understand and know a bit more about this.

Thanks so much,

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We should be splitting this out in the site when you try and sign up online?

Splitting @alex ??? Put your teeth in before you type

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Touche Mr Phantom, touche!

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Hiya @LPayne (Lauren)

Based on the speeds your currently mentioning i would say that the household internet package that your currently on is a 40mb download and up to 10mb upload package so those speeds would fall within these ranges which is a little low on the download side but there are circumstances where distance from your local connection point/cabinet/pole can reduce this.

Now For the Good Point…The way Cuckoo is designed is its on the top Tier of the Broadband Packages running the 80/20 Package which means its and Up To 80mb Download & Up To 20mb Upload so if the average in your area is 74mb when you run the checker it will be around this or even more once the line is tested Over the First 10 Days of Going Live.

You can use the Address Checker From BT Wholesale on the link below

Which will show you the maximum speeds the connection point should have on the technologies within.

If you post a screenshot but crop the top of the results image where your location details will be displayed I can explain this a bit better.

Hey Lauren :slight_smile:
Uploads speeds are always considerably lower than the download speeds. You also tend to find Upload speeds aren’t normally advertised as these aren’t something Openreach are able to control the way they can with download speeds.

Upload speeds is the speed at which information is transferred from your computer to the internet.
Upload speeds also determine as you mentioned how reliable video calling/screen sharing etc is too.

Looking at the Skype website, they give a rough idea of what the min download/upload speeds are for video calling with 7+ participants. As you’ll see, they recommend only a minimum of 128kbps for upload speeds; (this is obv just an example :slight_smile: )

Group video Min Download/Min Upload
(7+ people) 4Mbps / 128kbps

Popping your postcode into the link @PhantomR1982 has posted will also give you an idea of what your upload speeds are :slight_smile: