Business usage option

Hi, hope you’re all keeping well.
Raised a question via email to be told you dont do “commercial use”.

.Firstly let me explain, I run a small cafe. I use internet for the till, a bit of background music and a few other small bits and bobs. Nothing heavy.

Can I ask why, you disallow small business use? I know there are SLAs on business lines, but if they were to be written out of a contract why could you not offer some form of business usage? Perhaps even with some form of usage limit on them?

Otherwise it means I will have to go down the TT route (which I believe is your backhaul anyway?)
I love my Cuckoo service at home, and would love to use it in the cafe too.


Hello Woody,

The main reason we don’t offer to businesses at this point is because of Ofcom regulations. The regulations for business customers are more stringent than residential when it comes to types of services offered (including having to offer 12 month contracts and separate line and broadband billing - see Ofcom General Conditions) We want to make sure we’re focusing on providing the best service we can to our residential customers and even willingly admitting one business customer would put additional responsibilities on our shoulders that right at the moment we don’t believe would benefit the business.

I’m sorry to disappoint, but there is a genuinely valid reason behind it and I hope my explanation has been clear.

Kind Regards

many thanks for your reply. I now understand!
Shame, but I do agree with sticking with what you already do well.