Can I pretty please have a referral code?

Pretty pretty please!

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Will anyone answer the call?! Maybe ask some friends?

Interesting no one responded with a code. Is it believed not to be moral or more worryingly no one is interested in referring cuckoo?

Happy to provide a referral code. Referral

I’ve been using Cuckoo since early February - from Virgin Media. I was unhappy with the price rises and lack of loyalty after so many years - was time for a change…

Happy to have found Cuckoo. The team are very accessible - I contacted them a few times before signing up to ask queries about the installation and router- via Twitter and received really quick replies - even on weekends. Openreach visited on the set day, new faceplate on the BT socket, and had internet before the engineer left.

Have no complaints at all. I know what price I’m paying every month and have the speeds I’m paying for. It’s how things should be!

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Welcome @silverwood To The Cuckoo Community & Flock !!! :smiley: :hatched_chick:

Those are Very Nice Words to read and im sure the Team @Oliver @jake @Becca will appreciate reading them & if you haven’t already have you considered leaving a review on the [Cuckoo TrustPilot Page (Cuckoo Broadband Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of for other potential customers to read this as well as it all helps.

Virgin Media’s Loss and Cuckoo’s Gain :laughing:

Welcome Aboard and feel free to explore the community and join in on any topics that interest you.

Hi @silverwood

I am pleased to read your feedback, we love it when our customers want to recommend us and also are pleased with the service we provide.

I hope that you continue to be as pleased with us and if you do need anything give us a shout via email (or twitter) and we will do everything we can to help you out.