Can’t use own router


Internet works fine when using your Technicolor router. However I’ve an expensive jet gear router I’ve used for years for my home network, and even after adding the PPPoE details in from your website account section I’m getting no internet.

Not using my router is a bit of a deal breaker for me, so I’m looking to get some support to get it working ASAP.



Hi Niall,

What model of netgear router do you have? Have you attempted to contact netgear support in regards to this yet?

Cheers, Dan

Hiya @Nhialor (Niall) and Welcome to the Cuckoo Community
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Did You mean NetGear ??

as @dan states below

if you can let the community know what the Full Model Number
& Hardware Version of your Netgear Is then it will help to guide
you a better as you can imagine theres hundreds of models out
there and if it helps you can even post an image from the bottom
of the router if you dont want to type it. :smiley:

Thats What The Community Is Here For…To Fix Things.

hah, sorry, yes I meant netgear. It’s an R7800, which I now realise doesn’t have a modem and I’ve always been on Hyperoptic which is served via ethernet as opposed to DSL.

Assuming there’s no way to use my router with cuckoo without using the technicolour router sent out as a modem?

Hi Nhialor,

Try connecting one of the Ethernet ports out of the back of the technicolor router into the Ethernet port on the back of the NetGear router where you had the hyperoptic connection, it should then work.

Let me know how you get on.


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Hiya @Nhialor (Niall) ← you changed this lol

In That Case Then Yes the Router you have doesnt contain a modem and is aimed at primarily the FTTP End of the Fire chain instead of The DSL Chain.

However…Fear Not

The Guide Below shows how to setup the Technicolor Modem/Router as a
Modem Only to then plug into your Netgear for its expensie routing functions :laughing:

All Thanks Go To @ChrisR5 For writing it so if it helps you out then you can click
the heart under the guide on that page to say thanks to him.

if you get stuck just message back.

@Dan was also a HyperOptic Customer so has Better insight Than me just now.

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I forgot about that! That guide will do it.

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Thanks guys, (also lol at spelling my name wrong), yeah I’ve plugged the ethernet into port 4 of my router and it’s working, was just hoping not to have to have a modem and a router. It’ll do for now anyway. Thanks

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Shame on You Lol.

You’ll Have @ChrisR5 Crying Next…as if @Alex isnt bad enough when people
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Its always best to set the router up correctly to avoid further issues such as
IP Conflicts and multiple wifi channels Broadcasting…To Turn the Technicolor
WiFi Off however just requires holding the Wireless on/off button for 5-7 seconds
on the far right then let go and the green lights will go out then just use your netgear wifi names.

I wouldn’t put anything past alex actually @dan remember wales and that t-shirt ??? :laughing: :sheep:

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Its not a lie. I do have piles of them in my bedroom… :nerd_face:

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