Can the cuckoo router work in a mesh network?

I found you guys by accident when looking for a new provider for my technophobe sister - she needs somewhere warm and fuzzy and welcoming to call her new broadband home. We value good customer service and actually helpful technical support - in fact if things work out my mum might appreciate a move as well :smile:

The more I read the more I’m thinking I might have to change providor as well. At the moment I’m with Zen and have a couple of routers set up in a mesh network. Is the router you provide capable of operating as part of a mesh network? I’ve looked online for a manual but could only find a quick-start guide which doesn’t go much beyond plug it in and switch it on :roll_eyes:


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Hi @Wonderbadger, welcome to the flock! How egg-citing that we’ve made the final round for your sister and hopefully your mother. We’re happy to provide support getting set up, or even if you are wanting help connecting a device to the WiFi.

We’re happy to help whenever you need it and have a useful article on how to set up mesh on the Cuckoo network here:

Let us know if you have any questions or feel free to drop us an email,


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Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! @Wonderbadger :egg: :smiley:

Firstly i think its safe to say that i think we have left @oliver in the Incubator far too long as his egg jokes are just as awful as my own.

Just wait until the CEO @Alex Eggsplodes with Interest as
i cant hold him back.

We are all a friendly bunch here so never feel afraid to ask any questions as it keeps us busy just helping people with any issues.

With regards to setting up the router with a mesh network it shouldnt be too hard as its just really like adding a new Wifi Device to your network either by one touch setup (WPS) or by manual password input.

There are special Mesh based Products that can be added/used which you can find online such
as the TP-Link Deco Routers as just one example.

The Article mentioned above is also a good read setting up certain devices.

We’ll look after your Family Members If they Decide to join the flock and will be treated eggstra special :smiley:

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Make sure you get rewarded for spreading the word!

You and your mum can share £40… you’ll be in her best books.

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