Can't Access Network Drive Due to SMB1

New to Cuckoo here and have been live for less than month so far. I was pleasantly surprised that the router (Technicolor TG589vac v2) had a USB port that I could use a simple media server. I’m using a new external hard drive on it with a specific FAT32 partition, and while I can see the media server from different devices and stream media off of it, I can’t connect to the drive itself to modify its files. It seems that the USB port uses the unsafe and outdated SMB1 protocol since this error when trying to map the drive:
You can’t connect to the file share because it’s not secure . This share requires the obsolete SMB1 protocol, which is unsafe and could expose your system to attack. Your system requires SMB2 or higher. For more info on resolving this issue, see: =852747".

Ideally, I just wanted to run a media server off the hard drive so that it can be modified from anyone on the network. Is it possible to update the firmware? Or maybe connect to the network drive through a virtual machine with SMB1 enabled?

Any thoughts on what I can do here?

Hiya @YasH & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :hatched_chick:

Simply put your not the first person to mention this as the Community & Cuckoo Team have had a similar thread from another customer back in November 2020 where the team and myself looked into this with the Router Supplier with another model on the Technicolor range & I believe it was the main router Cuckoo Supplied which was the DWA0130/0120 and even that model had similar issues on the DLNA Side (USB Port).

The Post I’m referring to if you’d like to read it is on the link below.

With Regards to the Firmware Upgrade currently this isn’t something that can be requested while I also believe it is a software/firmware issue on the Technicolor Routers the software gets updated randomly in the background but there’s no change log that can be accessed either.

What is your Current Firmware/Software Running on Your TG589VAC V2 out of curiosity asvthis can be seen via the web interface on and taking a screenshot which you can upload to the forum or just type it manually into a post reply as this will help the team gather information on the software versions for when they can send a request through.

Also what product/software were you using that mentioned the Outdated SMB1 Protocol.

However I’m going to tag the Head of Service @Oliver into this and Head Of Tech @Dan with @afenton90 to add it to there TO DO Lists…but I can’t guarantee when this will be looked at unless you raise a ticket by emailing into and refer to this post by clicking the Chain symbol under your first post to copy the post link to the clipboard & to then allow you to paste the link into your email.

Hope This Helps a Little.

You can re-enable (install) smb1 client in the add/remove windows features dialogues on win 10. I have to do this for an old nas. Just having the client portion is unlikely to cause you problems in a domestic setting.