Casting from device or laptop to a TV / Chromecast

Hi all,

I’m having difficulty casting from my laptop to the tv - I have a Chromecast and a smart tv but no form of casting from a mobile, laptop, etc is working to either the Chromecast or the tv itself. A bit of Googling suggests it’s a firewall setting but I’m not entirely sure what needs to be changed. I think it is an internet/firewall fault though as didn’t have issues with my previous supplier.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hiya @APacker and Welcome to the Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

Out of interest is your Chromecast synced up to your Cuckoo Router as I’m guessing your a customer at this point and what error messages do you have on screen when you try to cast between devices.

There was an issue after a lot of troubleshooting with an early access customer who engaged with me and we found that there Chromecast was an older model and as such didn’t like the 5GHZ Band that the Cuckoo Router outputted so delving into it between me and the customer we split the WIFI Channels down and disabled the 5Ghz channel and Band Steering and from that point we rescanned and linked up to a solo 2.4Ghz channel and as far as I know there hasn’t been any issues since…I’m not saying that’s the same for you but is a place to start.

If your unsure how to do this just reply to this message with a screenshot from your network devices tab from the router on from a blank browser window & also if you can also advise me of the model number of your chromecast or take and upload a picture on here.

To follow up on what Phantom has said - you should be able to confirm from your Google Home app (on phone), or via accessing your Chromecast directly (HDMI) to confirm if it’s connected to the internet, through your wi-fi.

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Hi and thanks for the response! The Chromecast (and the Smart TV - a Hisense) are linked to the Cuckoo router and work perfectly in every other sense apart. I have a third generation Chromecast and it’s running the latest updates so I don’t think it’s an old hardware issue.


See the attached picture from the router page of my Chromecast.

Appreciate any wisdom that you can impart!

What’s the actual model number of this Third Generation ChromeCast as based on your screenshot I can see that it is connected correctly to the 5GHZ Band as noted by the Green Dot on the Far left so this shouldn’t be an issue but still could be.

When you try to cast does any error codes come up between either device ?.

Did you try to split the WIFI band’s by disabling the 5Ghz WiFi and then connecting up on the 2.4Ghz Router ID to see if there’s any difference.

I’m guessing that you’ve already paired up the device app’s that your using to cast with on there appropriate web activation pages which pairs the TV and device with a code such as YouTube see below