Challenger brands. Who are you with?

Just saw @ChrisR5 mention Monzo on another thread (whom I love). I’ve spent the last 12 months with Bulb Energy (who I thought were great from a service & communication perspective).

However, I’m moving home this week and going to try out Octopus Energy in the new gaff (Thanks to a cheeky refer-a-mate code from @dan.)

Delivering better user experiences, deploying new features faster, breaking the stagnant moulds of their predecessors or simply a resentment of the big corporate incumbents are all reasons some people seek out disruptive brands.

Anyone using any other startup/challenger brands for their day-to-day utilities?

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It’s the calm before the storm.

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I switched to Octopus for my energy and the experience has been pretty good. Pricing was more competitive than the main competitors, the energy is 100% “green” and the fixed price tariff I’m on doesn’t have an exit fee (which is the biggest plus as a tenant)!

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Nice. Does your tarrif flex around what the changes in the wholesale energy market do or have you got a fixed one?

Monzo, Bulb, and soon Cuckoo. Love the first two, hopefully will love the third too!


Persoanlly I love anything with two oo’s in the name.



Hyperoptic (can this be considered)

TBH I moved here from Aus and I went with all the easiest options / best customer service.


@alex time for a “Typhoo” ???

@dan “Hyperoptic” have always been unprofessional and rude when i have contacted them
and just want to quickly get you off the phone and dont want to entertain you i tried
to get answers out of them on how long to wait and deploy…all i got was “Not Gonna Happen”

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@PhantomR1982 thats terrible to hear, I’ve only contacted them once to activate the line as the online portal didn’t work they seemed pleasant then but thats shocking!


Give them time im sure they will upset you at somepoint…add them to your facebook
feed and read the comments on there posts when you get a minute.

They were advertising in my area but have NO Equipment Deployed.

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@PhantomR1982 I’ve not had facebook since 2013 :smiley:


Smart Man !!! Yet you should keep up with the trend.


Yo @tommy have you transferred into Octopus yet ???

@dan how are you finding them on your side ??

Im thinking of moving to them as well but any feedback is welcome
from Actual Customers :smile:

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Yes mate, switched over couple of weeks ago.

Super easy to switch and they’ve been great so far. However, I kinda miss the ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ you get when interacting with Bulb (from their illustrations and animations). Octopus feels a bit clinical/techy… you might like it :rofl:


Lollllllzzz @PhantomR1982 not sure you can let that one go

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@tommy and what are you trying to say that im a bit a-nale with regards
to my techie interface loves.

I looked at bulb as well to be honest then i thought about @Alex giving them
a load of angry customers to deal with after filtering through there forum

We’ve always been loyal to “British Gas” but recently they just dont care
so im off.


Haha, I would go Octopus or Bulb…

If you decide Octopus use and we can share £100 :crazy_face:


Sorry to bump this post after so long, but I thought I would share that I’m now 100% challenger.

I decided I was sick of different excuses that I was being given to the same issue with my energy supplier, that I moved to Octopus (they were cheaper too!).

I’m now with: Octopus for Electric, Monzo for Banking and Cuckoo for Internet!

Look forward to the £50 credit when I go live with Octopus :sunglasses:

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@tommy will be very appreciative for that @ChrisR5