Change Router DNS Settings?


I have this router from you guys - MediaAccess TG589vac v2
I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change the DNS servers, can someone please help?


Hiya @AndyH

There’s a Manual Available on the Support Hub that the Head of Tech @dan linked to the other day on the link below on how to do this. (TG models)

As I haven’t currently got access to the router model you have the guide should help…The Media Access Router is still a Technicolor Router I believe. (TG589 V2)

Dan said it’s quite easy to do so take a look through the Manual First and if you need any extra help just reply to this post and I’ll see if we can look at it via screenshots.

Hope This Helps !!!

It’s quite easy

Login using the admin account and then click the Local Network tile, click Show Advanced and you can then enter details in the DNS Server box under DHCP Settings. Works a treat. I’ve set mine to,

Your ears must have been burning @mouse12mat I even tried to leave you out of it by name :laughing:

Thanks for describing how you changed yours it should help @AndyH out.

I think I need to brush up on my reading of the TG Manual luckily there’s no Cuckoo Exam I have to sit for this set by @alex

mouse that change doesn’t affect WAN DNS, only local traffic.
If you click IP Extras tile you can see it still shows the two old ones, and

The manual only mentions Dynamic DNS for this model, perhaps I cannot change the DNS?

Hi @PhantomR1982

You’re welcome. Being able to change it makes a difference. The TG routers are fairly simple plus if course Google can be helpful. Other search engines are available!

Kind Regards


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Hi Ian I was too hasty in my first response, now deleted. On testing I don’t think that change has the desired effect, see my reply above.

Hi Andy

Had the desired effect for me. I was unable to access one of my websites, changed the DNS servers and could access it. Removed then and could not access the site again.

Kind Regards



Apologies Ian, you are correct.

After further fiddling/rebooting it works! Seems the LAN setting is then assigning it to the devices which works for me now.


Hiya @AndyH

I have been reading and watching how you were getting on in case I had extra input but it seems you both were sorting this together

Dynamic DNS is an external service that you can use when you need a fixed address to connect externally to your home network so it wouldn’t need that setting up.

But I’m glad to see that you managed to get it resolved between you

This is what i love about helping build this community,customers helping customers :smiley:

thanks for the input @mouse12mat (Ian)

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