Changing login/email address details

I have gone to my account, then personal details, and edit details.

But the email address field seems to be uneditable.
Tried various browsers to see if that made a difference, but nope.

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Hiya @Ken555

On the Cuckoo Online Account system this is done by default at the time of Account Creation with the email address used to enable it to create the account I’m not sure if it can be changed behind the scenes at the moment.

While it would be a good feature to enable the email address to be updated I suspect we would have to ask @dan @insung & @afenton90 to look at implementing this to the website.

I did look at it myself and thought the same at the time but I do think it’s a feature that needs implementing.

I would also raise a ticket with the team by sending an email in to to refer to this post.

But let me seeing If i can get a funny sound out of @alex on here by nudging him. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks @PhantomR1982

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I’ve just changed the location of this post to the “Feedback & Ideas” Section so the team can look at implementing this in the near future.

Thanks For Bringing This Idea Up !!! and your welcome on the reply.

Thanks for the feedback @Ken555 .

As always appreciate the wonderful explanation @PhantomR1982 !

At the moment if you wish to change your email address on your account, the best place to go is and we will get this changed for you.

However, we hear you! We know this needs to be easier. So we have re-prioritised a ticket in our roadmap to allow your email address to be editable in My Account. Watch this space it will be out soon!

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See @afenton90 I do think about including you in things from time to time…you wasn’t forgot this time :stuck_out_tongue:

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