Charged too much but all info in My Account says I should only be charged £30?

Hello, just got an email about my first direct debit to be taken from my account in a few days’ time. The email says I’ll be charged £32.99 - but having checked the Bills section in My Account, there’s no indication that I have to pay anything over the standard £30. We’ve made no calls, there are no extra charges indicated, we’ve already paid the setup fee in full - so why are we being charged more than the advertised price? Confused face :frowning:


Hi Twhit,

Do you mind PM’ing me the email you signed up with & I’ll take a look for you.

Thanks, Dan


Hey @twhit,

That does seem odd. We’ll look into it now.



Ah, @dan’s beat me to it.

We’ll look at this ASAP @twhit



Edit: I’m an idiot. I had a deeper look at the bill and it’s £30 for a month, plus a few more £ for a few days we were connected before this calendar month started properly.

This isn’t actually indicated front and centre when you check the Bills tab - it comes up with a bar chart which just shows you should be paying £30 (plus calls/charges), could it be clearer? You have to click a pretty small link called ‘View All Bills’ to go in and see each bill’s breakdown manually, and I didn’t notice the link straight away.

Anyway, false alarm! I’ll check better next time :smiley:

PS - speeds we’ve been getting are unreal, absolutely as advertised and it’s been a dream to go from dodgy BT wifi I had before to absolutely no drops and a steady ~70mbps down


Thanks for the feedback @twhit one for @Tommy to have a look at :hatching_chick:


@twhit this is great feedback.

We actually only pushed the new Bills section on My Account live yesterday! You’re likely one of the first customers to explore and find it :slight_smile:

It’s still work in progress so if you have any more thoughts on how we can make the Bills section better, please let us know.

Ps I’m going to look at making the ‘View all bills’ more visible now!


Just to be awkward and add a comic moment to this post

Shouldnt the Monthly Direct Debit Amount be £29.99 and not £30 as thats
what the website says ???

Im a stickler for being overcharged and a penny is a lot of money to throw away :stuck_out_tongue:

@tommy increasing the Font Size of the “View All Bills” link is an easy fix.

I’ve just added a little component to make the View all bills more prominent.

Wait, where does it say £30 @PhantomR1982:see_no_evil:


@tommy Right Up there :arrow_double_up: at the top of this post its called i think umm a “TITLE” but to simplifiy things i’ll put it down :arrow_down: there

“Charged too much but all info in My Account says I should only be charged £30?”

Also here it says this from @twhit

And somewhere else its mentioned here:-

Oh and look again its :arrow_double_down: here too

But if you look on the front of the website it states £29.99 and also your image above theres a ad box that states £29.99 on the right.

So the Direct Debit should be £29.99 not £30.00 surely :stuck_out_tongue:

@alex stop laughing

I think @twhit might have just been summarising it and saying £30 rather than £29.99 because thats longer…


Well i guess your right @twhit did like the shorter and more compact £30 total after the 4 character £32.99 which could have ended up at £33 but oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Should we change our price to £30 perhaps? Seems a lot simpler and we’re all about that…

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To be fair i always thought it was £30 myself joking aside as its a nice flat simple number to remember that is until all those pro-rata numbers and calculations come into play for per day billing as mentioned above.

I’d leave it as it is for now though unless the biscuit tin gets low as those custard creams and bourbons are expensive.

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The old waistline has been getting bigger over lockdown…

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Woops I missed all this!

  1. Yes, it says everywhere we’re paying £29.99 - I’m just too lazy to type it out haha
  2. The new boxout for ‘View all Bills’ is really good, thanks @Tommy
  3. @Alex Uber did some research into how price changes affect consumer goodwill. They found that dropping a price from $15 to $14.99 had the exact same (substantial, positive) effect on goodwill and likelihood to buy as a drop from $15.99 to $15, if I remember rightly. Left-digit bias is super powerful

Left digit bias is term I’ve never heard before but I love!

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facepalm :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: did you have to give @Alex a new phrase to throw around the forum @twhit :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

Lazy or not it got a conversation going on the £30 vs £29.99 Direct Debit Amount hehehe.

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