Community Spotlight - Fancy being featured on our social channels or weekly email?

Hey everyone,

We thought it’d be a nice idea to show some of the faces of the community (and ultimately spread the awareness of the community to encourage others to benefit/join us on here).

If you’d be happy for us to do a little ‘feature’ on you then please send an email to with the following:

  • Photo of yourself (can be your community avatar, a mugshot, ‘action’ shot or just a plain holiday snap!)
  • If you’re a Cuckoo customer, a photo of your router setup
  • Name or nickname (that you’re willing to be public, I will remove surnames don’t worry.)
  • Location (city or town is fine!)
  • 3 Reasons for loving Cuckoo (or what you don’t love, you can be honest)
  • 1 thing you’d like to see us change, improve or build. Can be a feature, service or brand recommendation.

We’ll then do a Insta/FB post on you and maybe a shout out in a weekly email.

Let me know what you think. Good idea/bad idea?