Compatibility with Virgin Media Fibre Socket


We’re meant to go live with Cuckoo on Thursday March 18th and I just wanted to check if the Virgin Media Fibre socket is compatible with the Cuckoo broadband?

Thank you in advance!

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Welcome @gbhavana To The Cuckoo Community & Almost To The Flock !!! :smile: :hatching_chick:

The Virgin Media Fibre Socket that you have mentioned Won’t be compatible with the Cuckoo Service or even the Telephone Socket as there technology is a different system to the one that OpenReach Use.

Upon Paying the Initial Connection Charge of £60 this actually covers a lot of things including an engineer to turn up on the day to install a New OpenReach Line if one isn’t present in the property which if needed you will get an Email and/or Text Message from “Site Visit” if you supplied a mobile number to advise of this during sign up.

If there is an Existing BT/OpenReach based line Line at the property then this may be activated either remotely by Cuckoo or by the engineer to make sure you get connected and the service can take anytime upto 12am on the Activation day sometimes a lot sooner but the team don’t know when this will happen until they get an alert Behind The Scenes.

Based on the scenario that the line is installed already in a property then when you get the email/text Confirmation that the service is live then it’s a case of Connecting your Cuckoo Router to the Master Socket directly or by the MicroFilter supplied in the box (depending on the socket type) and power on the router to allow it to contact the Cuckoo Network and Active your service this can take upto 30 minutes at this point.

Then when the router goes Green you can Connect your devices and Join The Cuckoo Super Highway. and then you can Surf/Stream/Browse Away.

Hope This Helps & Don’t Hesitate To ask any Questions you need to.


Thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly, I really appreciate it!

Regarding the text to notify me of an engineer visit, how far in advance should I expect to receive this text as our current broadband will be cutting out on the 18th as that is when the Cuckoo broadband goes live, but as I’m working remotely from home I will be requiring internet access on the 18th?

Many thanks,


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Hiya @gbhavana

Your Welcome on the fast reply…I try my best to catch everyone as quickly as possible to help the team & community members out.

If there’s any issues on the day then the text message will be sent at some point on the activation day I believe one of the emails during the sign-up journey normally the day before you go live from the team has a rough screenshot of what this looks like (see below).

If you already have the Openreach Line & Master Socket in the property this may be activated remotely and the engineer won’t need to attend.

As you are coming over from Virgin Media I would normally advise customers to leave that service connection live until your OpenReach line is Activated (incase of unforseen circumstances) then to put your cancellation requests in once your new internet supplier is live especially if you can’t be without internet access for any reason …eg Working From Home (WFH).

Where OpenReach ISP To Openreach ISP Transfers is a different process where providers can cancel the line for you from your previous provider and take over normally seemless and to start your new service with them.

If you need any further updates on the progress you can email from the email address you signed up with which creates a ticket directly with the team with access to your personal account details.

But your also welcome to update this post anytime on the community as any messages/feedback are read and taken into account by the team and even the company owner and it helps the team to always improve things going forward.

Hi all

I have the same problem.
There are 2 Telewest ports in my flat (I think it’s Virgin). No Openreach ports.
Today is my go-live day, and no engineer visited my flat. I was at home 8am-1pm as requested and didn’t receive any text message about a site visit.
Internet doesn’t work.

Hiya @acecco01 and Welcome To The Cuckoo Community :smiley: :egg:

I’m raising this to @Becca & @Oliver as I type this to you as this is not how Cuckoo operates.

If today is your Go Live date then it can be anytime up to midnight on the day if the OpenReach socket is available in your property which would look similar to the image below.

This is the newest model that OpenReach Install which has a built in filter that’s why there’s a white router cable coming out of it next to the slot where your phone would plug in.

Telewest Sockets would be now Virgin Media Owned these days and unless they were using the OpenReach network which they used to doubt I highly doubt they still are then it wouldn’t be compatible with the Cuckoo Router.

Did you have a message from site visit to say the engineer was attending between 8am and 1pm ??

Thank you

I didn’t get any text from site visit and I was at home 8am - 1pm

In my flat there are no Openreach ports, just 2 from Telewest.

Hiya @acecco01

Have you got a landline phone that you can plug into either of the two sockets to see if there’s a dial-tone there for me.

If there is then that would tell me one of the two sockets is OpenReach enabled and Virgin Media used them to supply phone services to your property back in the day.

Hi, unfortunately I don’t have a phone yet.
I think Cuckoo’s customer service are sending an engineer to install an Openreach port

Hiya @acecco01

I was actually talking to Becca while I was replying to you and she said she would raise one to see where the problem is being caused as your property is showing as there is some kind of Openreach presence there…maybe a long time ago seeing as you have the telewest sockets from the images you sent (that I don’t have access to).

Every property is different and computers/systems don’t always know how everyone is wired up they just give the new provider an indication whether a socket is available and if it can be remotely activated or external (engineer) activation is needed via the Green Cabinet or Pole.

The remote activation would have been done without the engineer so you could then plug in a Landline Phone Or The Router to see if it goes live by turning Green.

Hi @acecco01 - @Becca raised this earlier to get an engineer out to install this. The system shows you as having a working line, hence why no engineer came to the property. They could not see that you did not have a port.

We often find these get removed when people renovate properties.


Thank you both!
I hope to be connected soon

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I have now bought a home phone and I confirm there is no signal on both Telewest ports.
I’m waiting to hear from Cuckoo re. Openreach visit to install the correct socket in my flat.

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Hiya @acecco01

Well that’s a plus point at least,so for your benefit and the team at cuckoo that none of those sockets are the live culprit.

I’ll tag @Becca into this to see if there’s any updates when she’s in the office on Monday.
I’m hoping Openreach got back to her or @Oliver regarding this as to when they are attending.

Normally a BT Openreach Line would either come in by a property’s front door from the underground cables or even overhead in some locations so you can trace it back to the termination point where the master socket would then run from.

I have seen in the past wires coming up the rear of side walls of houses and apartment/flat complexes and as previously mentioned when a property as been decorated/renovated these have been accidentally taken away.

If the team sent you an email after the updates on Thursday just reply to that with this information as well so they can check up on it for you.

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See photo here

I suspect perhaps the master socket would have been the one in the middle (behind the broken plate)

If that middle socket was previously the master socket with the wire coming out of it then it wouldn’t have been placed higher up but more of the master socket being put in place of the broken plate in a normal situation.

Have you tried removing the lower half of the socket the broken plate wire is connected too with two flathead screws in it with a small screwdriver.

What this does is disconnect any wires or extensions that maybe/may not be behind it and only connect to the main wire (white cable) on the back of that socket there should actually be another Telephone Plug behind the lower half (depending on the sockets age) that you can then plug your new home phone into or routers micro filter/splitter then both the home phone & router into that.

An Openreach engineer would have a field day with this kind of wiring and insist on Tidying it up with a modern socket.

Hi @acecco01 I have just seen your message come through so logged in just to check up on this for you. I can see that @jake has confirmed to you your appointment and I will await to hear from either you or Openreach tomorrow to confirm this is all sorted for you.


All sorted, I’m online :rocket:

The engineer had to leave and he came back after 20 minutes - he said the line wasn’t active.
He replaced the top Telewest socket with an Openreach one, and now it’s all good.

Thank you so much everyone

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Wahey !!! That’s Brilliant News @acecco01

What did your engineer say when he saw the jumble ?? I can imagine there was some tutting and shaking of heads.

I’m surprised the line wasn’t active though considering the service was provided on it maybe a broken card in the cabinet but only OpenReach knows that.

@Becca & @Oliver will also be happy to hear this as well and thanks to @jake for sorting out the appointment for you.

If you need any help in the future,you know where to come :hatched_chick: :smiley:

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