Connected and satisfied

Don’t know if this is in the right category?

Just got connected this morning after the openreach engineer arrived early at 8am to connect me up. Actually managed to install the master socket above another master socket so all the networking stuff is in the same place.

Needed all devices to be accessed by both my connection and my housemates. So after faffing around with getting everything connected, I now have a faster speed than my housemate who is on another broadband service!

Obligatory spaghetti wiring, I’m sure the new year can bring a network cabinet of some sort >.>


Good morning and welcome to the Community @b0nker!

I’m glad your engineer was able to put a second master socket where you wanted it. We’ve been getting excellent feedback on our speeds – don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any issues.

That’s an impressive spaghetti junction vibe going on there. Maybe Santa will bring you a network cabinet?

If you’re going to be hanging around the community, feel free to Introduce Yourself!

ps I moved the thread to ‘Feedback & ideas’


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Welcome To The Cuckoo Flock & The Community !!! @b0nker (Ryan) :smiley: :egg: Glad To Have You On Board

That is a right mess of routers all close together so indeed a new year tidy up may need to be done but as long as theres something like a floating shelf put on a wall for example that all routers can sit on to space them out signals should be stronger than heaped on the floor like that for all your housemates.

If you fancy it show us a speed test for your connection (no obligation) from somewhere like (Netflix) or (Ookla) but just blur out or crop the image before posting to conceal your ip address.

If there’s anything you need helpwise then please dont hesitate to drop a post and someone will get back to you.

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The speed keeps getting better and better, been using a 14-26Mbps connection for the last 3 months, but this makes considerable difference when it’s not 2 people using the same line.

With a multi-wan router in between, been hitting 55-60Mbps which once I fine tune it would be giving us the best of speed and connection to all devices on the network. Which if I can’t get fibre connected on this private road anytime soon will be perfect.


The Cuckoo Package Is Fibre at its highest setting on the Openreach Network which is a profile of 80mb download / 20mb upload while your local exchange or roadside cabinet maybe to far away the closest speed’s to you will be offered so hopefully openreach will continue to improve there network and speeds will go up over time not everyone can get the maximum speed but if its stable and fast thats a plus point in my books.

Multi-Wans are good if you can afford multiple lines/monthly costs.

Let the Community know how the tweaking goes. :smiley:

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