Cuckoo reading list

Here’s the reading list we give to new starters (all four of our team so far :joy:)

Broadband related

ISPreviewUK - Comprehensive website. Good Twitter account. Very telco focused.

The internet and innovation - An interesting research paper from 2010

Facebook’s attempt at drone assisted internet deployment.

Business related

Zero to One - Peter Thiel

Blitzscaling - Reid Hoffman

A book about innocent - Innocent founders (they secretly met at their then employers offices!)

Secrets of Scaling Sustainably - Hayden Wood CEO of Bulb. Also this on their brand.

Masters of Scale podcast - How companies grow from zero to a gazillion.

Whatsapp - How its anti-marketing approach scaled them massively.

The Founder - Great Netflix movie on how McDonalds started.

Complete 66 Mac vs PC ads great customer centric insight (the ads about switching customer care are especially relevant).

Random stuff

SpaceX - Falcon Heavy and Starman - Because why not.

The Pale Blue Dot - Inspiration behind Cuckoo’s mission.

NerdWriter - Great analytical videos

The Jungle is Neutral - WW2 guerilla tactics in Malaysia. Chapman liked studying birds…

John Steinbeck gives Nobel Prize Speech - Great speech of the last century.

The Wire - A great scene “Its all in the game”.

James Carville speech - Powerful point about the most sacred thing you can commit to is your labour. Also about the harder you work, the luckier you get.

McRaven speech - The little things will accomplish the big things.

Do not go gentle into that good night - Poetry mixed with ultra-running.

General Jim Mattis - Leadership skills and anecdotes.

Fitzy’s Finest Tunes - My Spotify Playlist. Please be kind about the Irish folk music…


You’ve for forgotten my personal fav –
Information is Beautiful by David McCandless!


And this General Magic documentary on Amazon Prime is great. :rabbit2:

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If you like The Founder I would highly recommend the book McDonald’s: Behind the Arches.

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This is my kind of reading list. Well, other than the lack of comic books.

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Have now bought it on Amazon! Along with this one:

Thats a cool reading list. Paper: Paging Through History looks very cool.

Started reading this and really like it!

Well of course you REALLY LIKE this book @alex it talks about The CEO of a company as the leader of servants The Head Honcho if you will.

But just remember if you push the servants too hard or far they will revolt and mutiny will ensue and just think do we really need @Tommy in your Chair and you making the drinks ???

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Ha well actually I take the view that you do have to serve to lead. Humility is v important! As well as giving everyone enough freedom to manoeuvre.

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Well Mines a White Coffee then with 4 Sweetners and must be in a mug that holds a litre to keep me at my desk longer !!!

To “Serve” Me Allows You To “Lead” Cuckoo Further :wink:

Btw can i have some new wallpaper in my broom cupboard ???


Your wish, my command.

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See @alex now thats a good leader @Tommy knows how to look after me :smiley:

I actually roared out laughing and said “Well Done Tommy”

Now Can We Discuss That New Decor ???


I vote for cuckoo wallpaper! It costs £29.99 per square metre and there’s a set up fee…