Decreased speed over time

When I moved 2 weeks ago I got nice 59mbit but l this gradually reduced and stays around 30-37.
Did any one experience similar drop?
Apart from few, I always try to do it nearby router and when everyone else is not acrively using the Internet.
As you also can see, that 37mbit is quite flat suggesting its limit, not tgat my test is affected by other device taking some of it.

Hiya @Knocik (Krzysztof)

Thats not good to hear,

The 59mb down that your showing on the speedtest results is that at your old property or the new one ???.

I can see that the speeds are fluctuating as well in the low 30’s which sounds to me like an issue on your line but could be further or closer.

You can try powering off the router for 5 mins or so then turning it back on to see if the speeds return as a first point of call just to rule this out.

Im tagging Super @jake into this but just incase he doesnt hear my call across the cyberairways please can you drop an email over to from your account address and ask one of the team to run a line test to see whats happening.

This is the second point of call but im quite concerned about that huge loss albeit briefly down to 10mb on your images which looks terrible.

If they decide an engineer is needed after there tests then they will guide you from there.

I know this sounds like the usual boring spiel from other internet providers but trust me I want to help you get to the bottom of it too.

Im glad you’ve brought it up as it helps the community learn from your issues as well as the cuckoo team…we are all learning new things daily.

One point id like to make is your using the Speedtest App so this states that your testing on one of the Wifi Bands and as boring as this is in a modern era to say this but have you got a PC/Mac Based Computer that you can run a speed test on via the supplied Ethernet cable & access to a desktop browser eg…Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Microsoft Edge to access for example the website or website (however please crop/blur your ip address/computer number from the image if you post any results for your security/safety) test it on both Wifi & Ethernet cable to see if the difference in speed is minimal or drastic.

Then if you are still stuck I’ll explore a little further with you.

Hi. All speeds on wifi from 8th is at new place.
Tests where I got under or around 10 were done from another room, 2 walls behind from router. BTW this is what I am disappointed with a bit. I cant do vod conf on my laptop from there. Those 2 walls are plaster board.
Anyway, I will do further testing after restart on the cable with my laptop.
I should get back to you tomorrow late afternoon after I finish work and kids school so bandwith is only for the test.

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Hi Krzysztof,

We can’t provide full support over the forums - I’d recommend you email so we can run some tests on your connection.

Your broadband speed is supposed to be 80/20 on your line - the downstream being 67mbps on the low side - so seeing it this low is concerning.


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Hiya @Knocik.

I know how you feel Im so used to suffering terrible speeds with my provider and they were a lot worse than what you are getting and thats saying something and thats why I was looking at all your results and calculating a rough area drop.

While Good video conferencing should work even on wifi with a minimum of 10mb as most devices are designed this way these days and have even started getting rid of the ethernet port which I dont agree with im just wondering which WIFI Band your device is on when you said the speed drops the further you go away from the room with the router.

This hints at the 5GHZ Band and Wifi Name that your connected to while speeds are best close to the router and small areas the 2.4ghz wifi Band is designed for a bigger reach and range through walls and floors.

This is a wifi band I prefer to use myself mainly for range reasons over speed and gaming.

So it might be worth checking your wifi band frequency as well through either your device status or the routers web interface on and then signing in using the control panel key on the base of your router unless you have manually changed it then it will be your own…its also called an Access Key.

If you are on the 5GHZ Band disconnect/forget the wifi key from your device and connect to the 2.4Ghz band and see if your video calling speeds improve or not.

Feel free to drop a reply on your post anytime and someone will be around at somepoint.

Right. Tests are done and here is what I found.

Wifi 2.4 only.
I disabled 5GHz on the router and I’ve seen no real improvement. Signal strength seems to be reasonable in the furthest room but it is busy in here. What I learned from a great Mikrotik YT video (I have Miktortik cAP at another property) is that 2.4 is not great due to interference. Yes, the only advantage is range but that is it.
WiFi analyser on 2.4 GHz - 1m from router, my network is ‘JKJLS’

From what I can see, all SSID nicely sit on non-overlapping channels. At least that is good.
When I moved to the furthest room (like 7m away behind 2 plasterboard walls) I got this.

What I get from this is if someone on the other 2 networks is doing continuous use i.e. online games or vid conference, then I am fighting with them for the air time.

WiFi speed test
I did a speed test again on my mobile sitting next to the router and I achieve this result on 2.4GHz

And after 5 min of power off router as suggested.

Actually, it dropped on my phone, so I also did a test on the LAN using my laptop.

Laptop WiFi 5GHz - another room
Signal not great - 2/4

Laptop WiFi 2.4GHz - another room
Signal better 3/4

Lan test
I connected my laptop to the LAN and did a test before and after the already mentioned power reboot.

and after

A bit of improvement here, yet not to the max speed I witnessed before, not what it is claimed I should get.

I will email with a link to this thread so I don’t have to repeat myself too much. I hope it can be improved a bit. I will work on the WiFi side of it but soonish I will be moving my desk to the room with the router, so I will run on the LAN since.

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Interestingly, on 5.0GHz I have no interference from other networks sitting on a CH60.
Next to router

In another room

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An update. An engineer attended, amended wiring a bit, run tests, and all good. 60+ can be achieved. Thanks.

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Hiya @Knocik

Sorry about this I thought id sent you this reply yesterday which isnt like me to leave you hanging.

While Wifi speeds are problematic at the best of times as many users will most probably agree with me on this what im interested in seeing is what your router is saying that its "syncing’ up on while im hoping one of the team @jake @dan or @oliver is hopefully looking into this from there side for you as well from the email ticket you said you were sending in let me just say I do like the tests and images that you have provided and I spent quite a bit of time going through them last night and also this morning with a clear head and im not just saying this to make myself look good or cuckoo.

I have done similar tests myself with my existing providers when my speeds have gone awry but with them it always falls on deaf ears.

To see what your router is saying that your connected at or doing login to your router from your web browser on this address this will then present you with the Technicolor Router login screen then input your “Access Key” from the bottom of the router and then login.

From here you can then click the Menu Button “Broadband” which if its connected will show your sync speed and it should show you what your router is actually connected at on the Cuckoo Network and more technical details.

With these details it will show what your connected at to what your potential speeds should be coming across the wifi channels roughly.

While even on 2.4ghz the speed I believe the Technicolor router outputs is around 144mbps if you were getting 30mbps - 37mbps connection then these speeds would be more than acceptable even with your highest speed of 59mb down and 17mbps up it should still be strong enough to to reach with most areas with minimal loss.

There are varying factors however in homes that can cause interference however,but showing how good your 5GHZ Wifi Signal on the images above you should be getting good speeds being transmitted.

This is also dependant on whatever Sync Speeds are coming into your router in the first place.

While I would also recommend a Higher Spec Modem/Router or Mesh System with more features for bigger houses these require extra Wifi Repeaters/Pods to reproduce the signal…but again if the signal coming in to the router is low this won’t really help other than giving you a stronger wifi signal in the room you want to be in.

I suspect a Line Fault or Traffic Management is in play however which it shouldnt be.

Have you looked on the Openreach wholesale checker link below

to show you what your local connection point/exchange should be delivering to your location just out of interest.

This can be done by either address & postcode or your phone number for an accurate reading but there are times when the phone nunber isnt always recognised due to the network type being used.

Glad to hear the Openreach Engineer that attended managed to fix the issue however I would keep an eye on it like you have been doing incase you notice any more weirdness.

Hopefully you dont.

Thanks. As it is fixed now I will play with a bit more on the WiFi side. My Mikrotik AP has more options to adjust power as well as bandwidth etc. It seems that Technicolor is not that stupid and few bits can be played with too.

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Well if you need anything just give the community a nudge everyso often.

Explore the Technicolor’s Brain and Become One With It…OK that just sounds corny I know.

Once again im glad to hear the speeds increased…I’ll take a look at your Mikrotik AP if you have a model number for my own reference as its not one I’ve heard of.

Knowledge Is Power as they say :smiley:

I’m wondering if the decreased speeds were the result of DLM kicking in and the faulty wiring causing the line to think the speeds being pushed through were too high and causing the issues, ultimately dropping them consistently until the DLM process stopped.

Glad you’re back up and running though :+1:

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I have Mikrotik cAP but I would not recommend to anyone who don’t like to play with settings. Their RouterOS is quite complex.

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I am not sure. Yet engineer restarted all settings for me and asked not to switch it off for 10 days. Possibly an optimised speed will be set.
Wireing was a bit of a mess in the main socket.

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Its normally the case where DLM is on the line for the initial 10 days to find a stable line balance that it can always sync at.

After that if certain triggers are met then the system lowers the speeds if too many errors are detected to try and restabilise itself sometime for the worse and I suspect this is what happened in this case before @knocik realised what was happening to bring it up.

But…But…I like to break things and take things apart then struggle to put it back together or turn the right settings back on…I need my fun too.

Kooooooollllll :smiley: :crazy_face:

Yup the 10 days is a Full Restart of The DLM is also called an “Initialisation” Period just like when your service goes live for the first time.

You are right that really is a bunch of messy wires behind your master socket…well done on getting a photo.