Delay In Go Live


So my go live date was yesterday but has been and went without receiving the email / text to say the network is live.

An engineer has visited and has showed that the phone line and broadband are both working, but my router never gets past the PPP config page.

Error “PPP Negotiation Failed” and PPP authentication failed.

Becca has said that this was because it wasn’t live yet yesterday, but as I said it has been and gone with no progress. I have restarted the router today and there is no change.

When will the internet go live?

Hey @rocket :wave:
Sorry you’re having some issues getting connected but let’s see if we can get things sorted for you!
Just a point to throw over ; I’m only a community member so it’s also best emailling if you haven’t already to start a support ticket incase we get to that point :slight_smile:

Can you let me know what lights you have on your router at the moment too? That would be a massive help.

First things first though, it’s always worth while trying a simple reset of the router. If once the router boots back up, you’re no further forward, could you try these steps please?

  • Type into any web browser

  • On the Router admin screen, type in the ‘Access Key’ into the password box ; you’ll see this on the bottom of your router. Remember this is also Case Sensitive so any capital letters etc must be inputted that way!

  • You should now be logged into the hub ; If you can take a screenshot of what you can now see and post it into this thread that will help massively - remember to hide any sensitive details on the screenshot (usernames etc) :slight_smile:

Hi @RyanK92.

Here is the screenshot

Jake has said “We’re still having a look into this. I can see Openreach have completed part of the order which is the landline part - not the broadband connection.”

But the router is saying that there is a broadband connection, although just a very very slow one.

I’m running low on mobile data and with working from home constantly (along with other members of the household doing so also) we’re not far off either a large phone bill or no internet at all.

I’m really looking forward to using Cuckoo (and I really like the brand and what the company stands for), but I need to actually be able to use it :sob:

Ahhh i’m glad @jake has been in touch and also provided an update!
What it looks like is during the provisioning of the line, Openreach have only completed part of the work required to get you up and running. While it’s frustrating and I know how frustrating especially since you’re working from home etc, this would have been the same regardless of the provider.

What do I know know though is the guys will be working behind the scenes and liasing with Openreach to chase this up and ensure this is completed as soon as possible!

Aloha @rocket

The actual order isn’t fully completed so I am very much amiss as to how you have a connection.

If PPP isn’t negotiating this means that the router isn’t connecting to our network - and is instead connecting to another provider.

Above is the order status of your order. This states that one side (LLU) is complete, where as the other one is awaiting completion.

We’ll keep you updated via email with any other details we get - the one shame is that Openreach don’t give us any provisioning updates over the weekend. :frowning_face:


Thank you for the reply @RyanK92 :smiley:

@jake, would you be able to explain the LLU and NGA processes above?

What process would Openreach be working on currently to get the network running?

I’m quite keen to understand the behind the scenes parts, but I can’t find much from Google on those. I’m very happy with how much info I’m given, it’s much better than other providers “we’re working on it” stance :smiley:

LLU means Local Loop unbundling and is more situated towards ADSL (the copper broadband network). The landline also uses this type of technology.

NGA stands for Next Generation Access and is essentially another name for FTTC which is fibre to the cabinet ; you’ll have a cabinet at the top of the street somewhere which has a fibre cable running from your local exchange to that box. From there, it’s a copper cable into your home :slight_smile:

This is a very basic explanation but i’m sure Jake will give a more technical insight :slight_smile:

So, I’m glad you asked! Here’s Broadband ordering 101.

@RyanK92 pretty much beat me to it and already answered all of this… and I’m sure @PhantomR1982 will correct me on some of this, the mastermind that he is

LLU is landline - or the proper term is local loop unbundling - it allows multiple providers to use the same leased line from Openreach - and provides your landline phone, if you still use it. LLU links into NGA as they use the same wiring.

NGA is Next Generation Access… also known as Fibre. It’s a weird thing that they call it Next Generation when we’ve already reached the limit in terms of speeds and have to bring it to the next next generation. Fibre cabling in our scenario is typically linked with copper from the exchange all the way to the green cabinet, which then uses copper wires all the way to your home.

FTTP works the same… just fibre cabling all the way! :sunglasses:

Openreach currently, without showing the entire details of the order onto the internet, have some additional work to do at the cabinet to connect you to the network.

As mentioned in the email - this has been pushed with them today to hopefully have a response on Monday for you.


Hiya @rocket and Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

While I’ve just been lurking and watching this thread today as it seems @jake & @RyanK92 have it under control I spotted something on your screenshot that im not sure might be related or not.

Can I just point out that unless theres been a firmware update to the cuckoo router that im not aware of at the moment Cuckoo Users were currently using Cobalt 18.3 and not Damson 19.4 however this could be done automatically over the line but as your not live this shouldnt happen just yet.

Those menus also look slightly different to what the Cuckoo Router has under Cobalt.

Based on the image supplied above there seems to be some line speed being detected that looks like an ADSL speed profile may have been set on the router or line & not a VDSL speed profile that cuckoo runs on.

Can you check your “Internet Access” Tab for me and let me know the first 5 characters of the username thats displayed there just so I can confirm something.

A screenshot would help but it may have sensitive info on that I wouldnt feel comfortable in allowing everyone to see.

Awww dont make me blush @jake its already hot enough inside my helmet.

Thank you for the replies everyone :smiley:

So if I’m understanding correctly, Openreach have done the work inside the home (they had the wall socket off and another thing by the front door too when they were here) which is the LLU. But not the work at the cabinet (the NGA)?

The two engineers who came said that they were going to the exchange together. They were gone for about 30-40 minutes and then came back to the house to do more work on the wall sockets, one then went back to the exchange box, then came back again. The engineer said that there was Broadband while they were here and left in a rush as “it should start working”. Does this make sense to you guys?

@PhantomR1982 here is the screenshot you asked for. There is no PI info I can see so I have not filtered it.

Hiya @rocket

The thing by your door is the Openreach Cable from your local cabinet or overhead line or however it gets to your property normally concealed behind a plastic cover and grey openreach box then from here the Copper Line Coming into your property which is called a “Drop Cable” is where the Master Socket is connected inside your home.

The local exchange your services come from is where the LLU Equipment is & it can get VERY Confusing to understand all the terminology words trust me.

Think of it as BT/Openreach in the begginning didnt want anyone else using there equipment so they locked it down so only they can provide services to areas in there network and no one else could without there agreement however over time they were forced to allow access to other providers like Cuckoo & Talk Talk & EE to name just a few for competition reasons this is where LLU comes in its the term for line unlocks like having your mobile phone locked to only EE Sim Cards and you cant put a Sky or Vodafone sim in that phone until its unlocked to all networks.

The NGA is also at the exchange as above but just to throw another term into the mix the “Master Socket” where you plug your router and phone into is commonly known as a NTE5c (Network Termination Equipment Version 5C) and they sometimes have an MK model number eg…Mark 4/3 etc. (See below)

The Green Cabinet I like to call an RSR (Road Side Cabinet) which some Senior Engineers call the Telephone Exchange.

Phantom waits for the sound of @rocket 's head to explode in the distance

Does this make better sense ??.

On very rare ocassions two engineers do show up and thats normally the assigned engineer and if theres a higher issue then the senior engineer or team leader is involved if nearby and thats when head scratching is involved but they should have left you advising that notes will have to be sent back to Cuckoo advising of any issues to look into further.

Looking at your screenshot however I can see one issue straight away.

Where it says PPP Type that states its PPPOA where the Cuckoo Network uses PPPOE so thats why the speed is low as its trying to connect on ADSL & Not VDSL (Fibre) so this needs changing to even attempt to start linking up correctly.

If your quite confident with the web control panel with logging in as stated above I can tell you how to change this over and I hope it starts the link up on your line…no promises mind you.

That’s a brilliant reply! Fully understood and head none exploded :joy:

Thank you!

I’m happy to set the correct settings in the router, if you let me know I’ll have a go tonight and fingers crossed it works, or at least saves an issue in the future!

Hiya Again @rocket

Right what I need you to do is follow @RyanK92 's instructions to login above via the web control panel at and by using the “Access Key” from the base of the Cuckoo Router.

Once you have done this I need you to do this next step.

  1. Go To “Gateway” and click or tap the Tile or Cog that pops up.

  2. On the Gateway Popup screen it will look like a load of gibberish related to the router but scroll down all the way past this and you will see a section called “Tools” then under that it will say “Setup your Gateway” (sounds like an old shopping company back in the day but im showing my age now lol)

  3. Tap or Click the Button and another popup will open on this screen you will see PPPOA (x) VDSL (0) and Ethernet 5 (0)

  4. Click The Button marked PPPOE (X) Where the X is the selection you need to be on & not PPPOA. Then at the bottom of the popup a green “Save Changes” button will Appear click this and it will confirm its changed the setting at the top of your screen.

  5. Now scroll down the list and just confirm for me that the section MTU States :- “1500” & the VLAN Button Is Turned On (green) and you can see the numbers “101” in the box underneath it and that the username is the same as the above screenshot you posted.

If everything has gone to plan exit the screen and if you havent already done so plug in the grey DSL cable from the small Grey DSL Port on the back of the router to your Master Socket (see image above,where you can see a white cable coming out of it) where I think you have done this otherwise we wouldnt see the ADSL Speeds previously :smiley: The Router should now try to connect on the correct mode with higher speeds detected on the line and hopefully connect you up.

After doing this change can you post a new screenshot to show me what you see on either the web control panel or the front of your routers lights.