DNS Resolve issue

I’m having issues accessing one of my websites via cuckoo broadband.

I get the error message DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN when trying to reach ianelmesphotography.com

However if I change my network adaptor to use or I can reach the site with no issues.

Is there something that can be done about this or do I just have to wait for the Cuckoo DNS to clear itself?

Hiya Ian,

I’ve just checked your weblink to your site on my side and a cuckoo connection & it seems fine,the only thing
I noticed was a very short 3 month security certificate.

How old is the Browser that your using to access your website do you need to update to clear this error or to support the certificate company.

@dan is the DNS Master at Cuckoo and I think he’s around to clear up anything there.

Thanks the response.

I’m using Lets Encrypt which only gives three month certificates.

Im using the latest version of Waterfox, Chrome and Epic broswer. Just for good measure I also use Edge!

All producing the same issue

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Hi @mouse12mat you can update the DNS on the router itself to use the google ones you have listed there. We have some manuals in our help section: Cuckoo Router Manual and Settings - Cuckoo Help & Support for what router you might have.

Also on the note about your website, I noticed you are using WooCommerce with PayPal, suggest you look at this vulnerability CVE-2019-14979 : ** DISPUTED ** cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_cart in the WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway plugin 1.6.17 for WordPress a it allows people to manipulate the pricing.

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Hi Dan

Thanks for that information regards the vulnerability I’ll check that out.

Also I’ll check the router settings too

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Well @mouse12mat (Ian) you’ve just taught me something as all certificates I see around the websites I use have a 1-2 year security limit so that’s come as a surprise to me…Let’s Encrypt has been a fairly new Company but I have seen them before over the past few years that why I was checking on the browser compatibility.

At least your keeping up to date with checking quite a few browsers so well done there.

There was a Post Early on when Cuckoo Started with regards to DNS Servers and The Team changed it for this reason to the ones you see now but it should be easy to change then with Dan’s Help.

@ PhantomR1982 I’ve changed the DNS in the router, very simple and all is working well.

Let’s Encrypt is fairly new and nice and simple to use, plus of course its free.

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Being a fairly new Certificate Authority can also have it’s issue with older non supported browsers that don’t have an upto date certificate pool and that’s why I queries the browser.

I mainly use Firefox & Chrome here and it worked fine with me under mobile and Desktop Modes but I’m also one that prefers older web browsers that are easier to use and less confusing that may not support Let’s Encrypt.

Anyways Who keeps things up to date these days as long as the oldversion.com still works :smiley: :laughing: :rofl:

Glad the update on that Article is working for you and I hope Dan’s security vulnerability isn’t too damaging for you…he knows his stuff.

Oh wait did I just give @dan a compliment…Bad Phantom !!! :thinking: :crazy_face: