Does/will Cuckoo support FTTP?


A quick question for today. I’ve learnt that FTTP will be coming to my area at some point soonish (a tip-off from an OpenReach engineer).

Does/will Cuckoo support it, or is strictly standard-FTTC broadband right now?

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Hi @dartiss, we have it on our roadmap for the future, at the moment the process for the end user is so bad that we think most people switching could be very frustrated with long delays and unreliable deadlines from OpenReach. Once we see a proper improvement we’ll be onto it like a bird of paradise doing a courtship :hatching_chick:


Thanks Dan - sounds like the best approach.


@dartiss you could always help by trying to fatten up the bird at the top of the
company with so many sweet treats that he will arrange it.

Joking aside i was just talking about this with @dan the other day and costs just
on having it installed at your own cost is expensive and time consuming then a
huge monthly cost £120 ish for 12-18 months before dropping to a reasonable price
a month so id like to see the WBC Version a lot less than this when its rolled out
everywhere in time.

Keep everyone updated on your area at least.

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Just saw this trending on HackerNews. Cool vid. Someone built their own FTTP in the US!

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