Early Access Registration FAQ's

Hi guys!

We want you (the community) to be the first to hear the news.

Next Friday (5th June) Cuckoo launches to the public! Check your inboxes next week – we will be letting you know how you can become one of the first 500 people on our network and also be in with a chance of winning a year’s free broadband!

When can I actually switch to Cuckoo's broadband?

From next Friday, you’ll be able to register for early access to Cuckoo’s network. We’ll send your early access code via email when we’re ready for you to switch. Keep an eye on that spam folder.

We’re gradually growing our customer base as we refine our service. We plan to serve 500 customers in the next few months.

Can you serve my home?

We’re not fully hatched yet so there maybe some instances where we cannot connect your home. Over the next few months, we will be making our network more widely available to everyone. We believe everyone has a right to simple, honest broadband. Most reasons are to do with:

Virgin Media
We need an engineer visit for these switches so are pausing this for now.

Old copper areas
Our speed is not yet in your area. Sorry. We’ll annoy our network about this.

What speeds will I get?

Our single fibre deal has average download speeds of 67Mb/s and is perfect for busy families or shared homes with everyone using the internet at the same time. This is ideal for Netflix, gaming, downloading, and streaming HD TV on multiple devices.

Some addresses will receive lower speeds; we’ll let you know before you sign up what speed you can expect if you join us.

How much does it cost?

£29.99 a month
£60 set-up cost
Prices in line with the big guys, but you’re not locked in. One month rolling. No exit fees. You’ll always be on our best price. Nearly all providers increase prices once your contract ends. We don’t.
Prices may rise with inflation.

Head to https://cuckoo.co/broadband for more info on our offer.



Happy days. Can we fast forward a week please?


How exciting! Full steam ahead by the looks of it. :clap:t3:

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I want it to be next week already.

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Haha. We’re working flat out (my laptop is not doing too well in this heat though…)

Have you come up with a good Wi-Fi name yet? :relaxed:

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 22.08.24



I signed up for an early access code 3 weeks ago.

Currently with Talk Talk and just managed to negotiate an early release from my contract due to sync speed issues.

On the look out for a new broadband provider and considering Cuckoo.

Just wondered how long it would be before I was likely to receive an early access code?

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Hey Earl. If you email me at alex@cuckoo.co I might be able to russle something up :slight_smile:

Very excited about this…!

Got my Wi-Fi name at the ready… Happy Wifi Happy Life


@SeanW You and me both mate!
Got the same email too :wink:


Haha love it. I’m curious to know what you guys have come up with :joy: :thinking:

We used my home as one of the early test addresses so I kept it real with ‘Cuckoo Internet’…have regrets I didn’t go for something more creative…

We’re actually working on a pretty cool feature that will allow you to update your WiFi name and password remotely via the Cuckoo site in the future. So if you change your mind you can update it any time!


Yeah I Had Mine Yesterday as well it seems…I must have just glanced across my inbox and not realised…Next Week It states the codes will arrive :slight_smile:


I would love to support you but that’s not possible with your current offering. How long will it be before you are able to provide decent speeds and symmetrical upload?

I hate Virgin as much as the next person but they are “only” £40/month for >200 Mbps down and, while 25 Mbps up is utterly shoddy, it still seems the best of the competition.

I suspect for a lot of others they won’t be able to consider Cuckoo as an option until you sort the speeds out.

Thanks for the feedback @jph! Our medium-term plan is to wholesale off a bunch of infrastructure providers, including Virgin Media. That will help us provide faster speed to some postcodes, although as I’m sure you know Virgin Media’s coverage isn’t 100%.

Our hunch is that, while some households want or need >100Mbps speeds, a lot of households would actually be happy with ~70Mbps as it comfortably allows for most day-to-day tasks (Netflix, Zoom etc). The main issue at the moment is reliability of that speed.


Thanks for the reply. You don’t mention upload speeds. While single-occupancy households may be able to survive on 80 Mbps down (any houseshares would definitely struggle, especially with gamers also in the house), the real issue is upload speeds (especially in times of lockdown where we’re quite often streaming multiple live video streams or working remotely).

20 Mbps is not fit for purpose in 2020 and is often crushed even by 4G speeds so I’m curious what options you can offer for upload speeds closer to 70 Mbps too.

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That’s a fair point - and I’m sure some households will want better upload speeds than what Cuckoo currently offers. In the short-run, the alternative (if it’s available) is to go for an FTTP option with BT’s network or an Altnet like Hyperoptic. We’d like to wholesale faster products like this in the future but our current strategy is to get up and running with the 80/20 product and go from there. We need to walk before we can run!

5G FWA is something else we could consider…

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Hey Team Cuckoo! Looking forward to moving over to you guys when you start sending out early access codes. Is there any downtime when switching?

We use a Ubiquiti AP which means our connection has been solid, however, our provider has hiked up our price by over £15 since we first signed up with them. Just two years ago.


Hiya @lewisksmith

Like all “OpenReach” Based Providers they will take upto a 14 days turnaround to switch your current connection from your current provider to the “Cuckoo” Network although the team have mentioned they will look into getting this reduced to get new customers online faster but this will take some time to work at and implement in the future.

They Will Supply (Currently) A “Technicolor DWA0120” Router for when your Connection is Due To Go Live from which you can linkup your WIFI discs to on connection day (providing they are not locked to your previous provider like most routers are these days) which a date will be given to you when the order is put through following your early access code being granted.

The Good Thing i can see so far about “Cuckoo” as a provider is theres “No Long Term Contract” For The Monthly Fee Which most providers require a minimum of 18-24 months Tie In yet there are still a few 12 Month Contract Providers around if you know where to look :smiley:

So really the only downtime you should experience is the previous supplier turning off your current router so that you can plug in the “Cuckoo” Router To Your Line and then allowing it to go through the motions of setting up the connection in the usual manner.

I Hope That Helps



What @PhantomR1982 said!

We’ll aim to to reply to you fast if you experience any problems. But for all our switches so far, the internet has been perfect on go live day. @Tommy is doing a little blog about the expereince of switching (on the site and up to go live day so watch out for that!


Thank you for your reply chaps, sounds great. Looking forward to switching :relaxed:


Cheers @PhantomR1982. What he said! (and welcome @lewisksmith)