Eco option for new router

I’ve just received my new router after signing up, and it has the usual couple of Ethernet cables and DSL cable / adapter, none of which I need. These are also in LPDE plastic, which is hard to recycle. I need to figure out what to do with all the extra bits I don’t need.

How about offering an “eco” box option when new people sign up? And also switching to recyclable packaging? To keep it simple, the eco box would just be the router and the plug, to cater for people who already have all the cables and adapters from their existing broadband.


Love this idea!
So eco packaging would consist of:

  1. Router
  2. Charging cable

Then all would be delivered in recyclable packaging?

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Welcome to the Cuckoo Community !!! @benthorner :smiley: :egg:

While this is a great idea as @afenton90 has stated there has been team talk of possibly allowing you to not request a router at signup.

While the CEO @alex will start crying :cry: at the thought of this & not providing you with the Cuckoo Router if you have your own modem/router combination that you prefer to use upon account creation and Go Live date being passed you can just enter your Cuckoo Connection Details from within the Online Account into your own Modem/Router and your Connection will be Live on your Tech.

For those that do need a router and are not tech savvy I guess a tick box system could be added to the sign up pages to state what items are required in the cuckoo packaging like a custom tickbox setup eg…lan cable/setup documentation/micro filter/while keeping the main components Cuckoo Router/PowerPack greyed out so it cant be deselected.

Its something to explore in the future so Thank You For This Feedback @benthorner

@afenton90 thanks! Yes, that’s what I was thinking. @PhantomR1982 makes a good point, though: if someone is comfortable reconfiguring their existing router, then that’s even better all round. In my case I do want a new router, so I’d go for my suggestion.

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Thanks for the feedback @benthorner that gives us some interesting things to think about in regards to routers when signing up.