Engineer go live date

I have just been given my go live date 28th April. I have also been advised that an engineer will be here tomorrow. Not given me enough notice as I am work tomorrow and don’t finish until three. Please advise if an engineer will be coming out, what time he will be here as I don’t want to incur any penalties for not being home.

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Go Live Dates are normally provided at the time you sign up to cuckoo 14 days earlier to give you enough time to allow for the engineer to come.

While I Do Agree with you that sometimes that isn’t enough time to prepare for the engineer has to attend it’s normally only a requirement if you a) don’t have an OpenReach Socket in the property or the line needs to be externally connected by an engineer if it’s been offline for a while.

If it’s a line takeover from a previous OpenReach based Provider then normally this will go ahead remotely and you’ll get a text message to say you are live.

There is a text message that goes out from “SITE VISIT” IF an Engineer is needed on site and it will tell you between what time slot they will be arriving in the day.

If you can email in to ASAP and let them know.

@Oliver or one of the team will then look into it for you.

Good Evening,

Thank you for your email. I know the go live date but it said on the original email that it could be within two days of this date.

I got a text today to say that it will be tomorrow when the engineer visits, that isn’t enough time for me to give work for me to be off. I do have an open reach socket however I am not sure which WiFi the previous tenants had.

If there needs to be someone home tomorrow before 3 this will not be possible. Is there a way you can inform “SITE VISIT” before they send someone.

You can understand that under 24 hours notice is unreasonable and feel this is not fair to issue penalties for not being home.


Hiya @Joe5044

I have tagged the Head Of Service into this message above so he should be alerted to this but he may not see it until the office reopens in the morning.

Based on you having an OpenReach line it may indeed need just be activated remotely and as I’ve always been told they keep an engineer on standby incase they are needed to attend.

If you have had the “Site Visit” Message which is an automated process then I can only guess it will be an all day call unless it gives you the time frame

This won’t be an issue as the WIFI is provided by the Router and the new provider will be Cuckoo regardless of who had control of the line before.

Sadly I don’t have access to the Systems that the Cuckoo team like @jake or @dan do to make any changes or see if the engineers are needed which could help this situation.

I Fully Agree With You and I personally understand that this can be an inconvienence as I’ve had a similar situation myself with other providers and im hopeful that the team can correct this quickly.

Hi @Joe5044,

I’m taking a quick look into this now, I’ll get the service team to take a look when they’re available. I don’t usually do this, so please bear with me :smiley:

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Hello Dan,

Thank you for clearing that up. I was worried that an engineer might come and I wouldn’t be home. But now I know no ones coming I can relax.

Thank you