Engineer timeslots


I am moving to a new flat on Friday 26th next month and the website is telling me that I’ll need an engineer to come and install a new line. Do you usually provide a time slot for the engineer to attend? Ideally I want to get the connection sorted the day I move but I’ll be back and forth transporting my stuff all day. Otherwise I could book in for the Monday after however as I’m WFH this isn’t ideal!


Hi @alex111

This timeslot is usually between 8am and 1pm on the day of the visit, but will be confirmed to you on the day before the visit. These text messages usually come from ‘SiteVisit’.

We would recommend ensuring you’re in the property for the entire slot as Openreach don’t particularly wait around, especially during lockdown.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Jake! I’ll probably book in for the Monday as I won’t be rushing around moving all my stuff!