Equity Crowdfunding

Can we expect an equity crowdfunding raise from Cuckoo in the foreseeable future?


Hiya @munsax & Welcome to the Cuckoo Forum !!!

This Question might be a little too sensitive & private to discuss on a Public Forum and i would suspect that you would be best emailing this question into the team on Hello@cuckoo.co for an answer if the management want to answer this.

They are quite responsive during normal business hours.

@Alex is probably the best person to talk to.

Thanks For The Question In The Mean Time.


Hey @munsax. We’re definetly thinking about it. I’ve myself invested in a very small amount in Freetrade and Patch. Think the question is more when, not if.

The only thing stopping us at the moment is team capacity to be honest. Do you think we might get some traction?


A Few years back i got into Funding Circle when it was a system
like eBay where you could buy business loans/loan parts and earn interest back as the businesses
paid back there monthly payments…it was fun until they changed it and then business
owners stopped paying there loans off and debts accrued but these days you cant see
what’s happening to your Investment.

I also looked into Property Partner but it didnt have
the fun appeal of having shares in property that the company bought.

But i’ve never come across buying into a ISP :grin: Hint Hint


1000%, hope to see your pitch soon :wink:

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Sneak peak at our old investor deck! :wink:

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