Extra line? and NTE5 reclocation?

Ok so it seems the max I can get on my line is still about 10mbps below what Sky gave me BUT it’s stable and working at 60mbps so what the hell.

Anyway the nice Engineer told me some interesting stuff - including how my house has space for 2 lines - so is it possible for me to get another account and another line with you? I want more upload than down and the money I spend on a flaky mobile would be better served on another solid ( I hope) 17.6mbps upload which is what I get now. I have Cisco line bonding kit.

If you’ll have me of course… :slight_smile:

On another note - when installing the new line in the bedroom directly behind the outside junction box - can I pay for the engineer to relocate the current socket which is in the living room? The current socket basically goes into the loft and then goes to the front junction box - so shouldn’t be too difficult to just put it there instead?


Hi @PeteC, you would be able to get another line. As we pay the £60 setup fee to Openreach to connect you, we would take another £60 from your account.

We then have 2 options:

  1. We place the order for 5 working days (subject to engineer availability). You would not be able to see this on My Account, as it is not yet ready.
  2. You sign up again using another email address. Let us know once you do, as by default, we request to takeover the existing line. We would then cancel the takeover and change it to a new line.

To note, new lines may require drilling through the wall of the property.

If you do purchase another line, you can sometimes ask on the day for the new port to be in a certain location, however this cannot be guaranteed. To move the port in the property, this would cost an additional £50.

Thanks @Oliver yup sounds good to me. To be honest moving the port would be excessive - a new port where the line comes in would be better ( as the current one is basically a glorified extension anyway) but of course happy to pay the £50 anyway . I’d like to eradicate the extension totally anyway,. The new port would be directly the other side of that wall where the junction box is - so I can’t see an engineer saying no to that.

Drilling? No problem.

okay I will re read and digest what you have put -and go from there :slight_smile: