Feedback & comments after a week

I will start backwards and say that the service of the actual connection has, touch wood, been A1 so far - switched on the right day, just plugged the router in and the preconfigured settings made it as easy as that for my existing network to Just Work ™. A small thing for a techie type like myself, but potentially a huge boon for someone scared of all the boxes and setup and just wants to watch Netflix.

Signing up had a few very minor things I’d comment on though;

  1. As my first post indicated, I didn’t get my router as early as would have been ideal. This was apparently Royal Mail’s delay thankfully Cuckoo’s Customer Service team were on it and expedited a delivery so there was no issue in the end.

(Not my pictures, but borrowed from @PhantomR1982)

“£60 set up billed today/immediately” wasn’t actually true in my case - I signed up on the 5th of April but was still in contract at the time so booked the switch in for my contract end date in May. The Direct Debit came out on the 28th.

The front page says now “You will not be charged the set-up cost until roughly 2 weeks before your actual switch date.” but I honestly don’t remember seeing that at the time. Either way, it may be warranted to add that wording in again further on in the process to make sure.

On the positive side, I appreciate the openness and the general attitude. I actually switched from a slightly cheaper plan to get what I hoped would be a better experience and I would say so far that is the case. Being able to email customer service and getting such a quick response but also a very quick solution was impressive.

The router seems less problematic than the last supplied one I had, a NowTV Hub 2, with a nice strong wifi signal and no weird devices not seeing each other messiness.

I’m overall very happy with the switch and I’d recommend Cuckoo to anyone that likes what they see from the front page without any reservations.

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I was just scrolling down and about to say…have you swiped my pictures @Sheepeh lmao :laughing: but that’s what they are there for to be used.

Yes I noticed this and a few other things quite early on but as it’s still early days there’s loads of things for improvement so I’m replying to agree with you I suspect it’s just the way @tommy setup the Go Cardless Integration as he breaks a lot of things and it takes a while for the team to find them to fix.

There’s been a lot of talk about the wording today & @afenton90 jumped in on this with @oliver so I can advise the team are listening as you may have read when you found the images.

That’s basically what the Almighty @alex was aiming to create in Cuckoo Broadband and I think it’s paying off but there’s always room for improvement and I’m sure @Becca & @Jake & @Mikkie & Kayla would agree with you on.

Well that’s good to hear,simple,easy and reliable is what the team like to hear…thanks for taking the time to write this up I’m sure the team will enjoy the read too.

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Hey @Sheepeh

Thanks for the feedback.

I think in this case you will have booked a scheduled switch for the end date in May. Sorry it wasn’t clear that the initial payment would be taken at a different date in this case. As @PhantomR1982 says, how we message in our sign up flow has been a hot topic of late. So we’ll incorporate your feedback into our next planning session. We’re always open to tweaking the balance between a simple sign up experience and giving you as much detail as possible about whats going to happen when you join, so this feedback really helps.

Glad that overall you were happy with your experience though. We work really hard to get this right for customers so this kind of feedback does mean a lot.