Feedback from new signup

Upon completing the order the copy reads as…

Screenshot 2020-09-10 at 23.37.04

But the welcome email states…

Screenshot 2020-09-10 at 23.37.09

Would be good to see your company info on the email footer/signature too, just for reassurance.

Might be good to have a date confirmation for the £60 payment, if you can calculate this from the go live date minus x working days? Always nice to know a fixed date for payments due to come out of an account.

The only other piece of feedback was the promo code/discount code box on the checkout page meant I naturally went off to Google for codes in incognito mode, found nothing, and guessing there aren’t any live just now? In general I think it cheapens the offering a little bit if you’ve been sold this fixed price deal with loyalty, to get a promo box that hints at short-term deals might be available for a saving?

That’s all for now! :nerd_face:


Thanks a bunch Greg! Have added this to our feedback log. @Tommy and I aim to review this every other week. Sometimes with a very small team things have to be put on the back burner!

I think the issue with the dates is that you’ll have picked a scheduled switch rather than immediate so it treats you slightly different based on which path you go down.

Also understood on the billing front!

And good point on the promo code. Get you on the cheapness front but we just wanted to test it out! We can stop it if we don’t think its working (im much more keen on a referral based reward).

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Thanks for the feedback @Greg !

I’m looking at your feedback today with our Head of Tech Dan!

We’re in the middle of rebuilding from the ground up our comms service when you first sign up - so your comments were perfect timing.

Three changes being deployed today based on your feedback:

  1. Company info added to the email footers (similar to our global site footer)
  2. Confirmation of when the £60 payment will be taken (it’s actually 3 working days after you sign up)
  3. Router delivery date is now more precise (based on the information we have available)

Thanks Greg. Have a great weekend and let us know if you have any further comments :slight_smile:


Good stuff.

Tried to attach a gif of Michael Scott raising a glass.

Sadly didn’t work.

So I’ll go with this instead.


Haha a perfect GIF for this occasion Greg.

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Not a gif but this is my fav video courtesy of @dan

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