FTTP Broadband service


Are there any plans to offer an openreach based FTTP service?




Hiya @paultop6 (Paul)

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I See you’ve been registered for a while but this is the first time we’ve spoke.

To My Knowledge i believe its something on the Cuckoo “TO DO” list that i
keep hearing about and its getting longer by the day but as thats where
the worlds broadband services are heading i cant see it being too far
off as most streets are being dug up and cables starting to be laid.

I have Asked @Alex about this myself but maybe @oliver can look into this
for us more,However as theres two different versions of it FTTP & FTTP OD
the second option is Very Expensive to install if not available in your area
through the OpenReach infrastructure.

However it could be something to be looked into as a package that could be built
for people that may have it rolled out to there properties but all the options i’ve seen
are 12-24 month packages have huge build costs.

That Saying if the Team have any Plans im sure it will be Emailed or listed here
in the “Cuckoo Announcements” Section.

I suppose i could have just said “Nope” and kept this reply simple but then
thats not in my nature :rofl:

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Thanks for the reply.

Im mainly talking about the non on-demand variety of FTTP. FTTP is currently being rolled out where I live and was just interested to see if there where any plans afoot for a FTTP product.

Openreach vendors outside of BT for FTTP are few and far between at the moment, hence the question.

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Hi @paultop6, welcome to the community!

Right now we are FTTC only. FTTP is something I would love (and have), however not something we currently offer. We have no plans in the short term for FTTP, however have not ruled this out in future.

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Short answer from me: Longer term yes, but not while wholeasale prices are quite high. Once we get more supply in the market in next couple of years we should be in a better place imho.

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Hiya Paul,

I guessed you meant the Standard (WBC) FTTP Offerings and not the OD variation but
i just thought id cover it as its similar technology.

There are a few unknown providers that will be taking registrations when your tech
goes live but it depends if BT/OPENREACH will lock it to themselves first but in this day
and age they shouldnt…i follow the install areas via monthly mailshot from openreach
hoping for my area to be laid.

I had read that wholesale prices where quite high, and suspected thats why the reseller market was so small compared to FTTC.

Thanks for the prompt info either way, great to see you guys are forging ahead with a great product.