G.fast 160/30 Service

Will cuckoo co bring Ultrafast G Fast 160/30 as it would great for double speed from VDSL2 to Gfast.

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Hiya @bullgog7798 & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

While G.fast Fibre is along the same lines as the package that Cuckoo are currently offering its not widely available everywhere just yet especially not in my area

But if i know the way the CEO @Alex thinks then he is already looking at it for the next phase of speeds and its on his To Do List (that thing gets longer and longer each day trust me :smiley:) for now id just stay tuned to the email newsletters (if your a customer) and pop in to the forum regularly to see what new & exciting things will be happening.

But I know for the most part the wholesale prices are quite expensive at the moment for most providers to consider offering G.fast & Full Fibre Solutions.

But Never Say Never !!! :egg: :hatching_chick:

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Thanks. I do hope Alex will consider to bring Gfast service. I know TalkTalk are much cheaper on Gfast here: TalkTalk Discount 145Mbps G.fast Ultrafast Broadband to £14 - ISPreview UK

But don’t want to join talktalk on 18 months contract. But, I think BTwholesales on behalf on Openreach will put 12 months minimum contract by default for all isps.

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Hiya @bullgog7798

Im sure hes looking at all options for customers however from what I’ve been reading theres limitations on range from the local cabinets/pole on getting the G.fast service and many are thinking of ditching G.fast in favour of FTTP.

Whatever Happens I’m sure it will be posted in the “Cuckoo Annoucements” Section above So Stay Tuned. :smiley:

Yes, the future is in fttp. How quickly and how wide it will be rolled out across the UK we will see.