GFast - Switching to cuckoo


I’m considering a switch to cuckoo based on a recommendation from a friend. I currently live in a GFast area that supports up to 330mbps, If I make the switch, are you able to give me faster speeds than the advertised 60/70mbps?


Hey @tomtucka,

We have no plans to offer G.Fast. Whilst it’s valuable to those in areas to give quicker access to higher speeds whilst they wait for Full Fibre to the home. We don’t think it’s wise given the very limited geographic availability to offer it when Openreach will likely retire this technology at the same time as Fibre to the cabinet broadband. Full fibre is the future and at Cuckoo we want to make sure we continue offering our eggcelent service which is why we’re focusing on our Full fibre rollout.

In essence the answer to your question is no.

Kind Regards

Thanks for getting back to me @gouledw. While I agree that the future is FTTP, It’ll be years before FTTC and Gfast are retired and fully replaced by FTTP. Openreach have no plans to upgrade my area any time soon, It’s a shame the Cuckoo has taken this stance as I’ve heard great things.

@tomtucka, I will add your suggestion to our ideas board for consideration. Because it is something worth looking at, as coverage grows a bit bigger.

Thanks though for being part of the conversation that helps us as a business adapt to the needs of our customers - we really appreciate the thought and time put in!


Cheers, I really hope this is something that the team can address in the short term or on an individual basis. I’m pretty sure I could convince others in my area to switch after some of the experiences we’ve had lately!