Go live date today and SMS/Email received

Hi guys.

Go live date was today, I have received the SMS and email advising that service is now live and active but i still have no connection.

Its a new flat for me and I have gone through every millimiter of it looking for additional sockets and am not able to find any other. I have also tracked the dropwire from the pole to the property outside and can see that it matches where I am currently connected.
NTE5 and I have removed the faceplate and am on the test socket, router is not showing broadband or internet lights at all. Only showing the wifi lights and power.

Was caught a bit off guard when I tried ringing tech support to get some help about it and found out that its only 8 to 5, Monday to Friday. Have sent an email to the email provided for off hours support with no response. Bit frustrating when you are stuck in between those hours with an issue…

Bit pressed for urgency here, as I work from home and am currently relying on a hotspot that is not reliable due to network coverage in the area.

Anyone has any ideas? Or am I stuck to waiting until tech support re opens tomorrow in the morning?

Hi; aware this was posted two days ago so you may have already spoken to tech support in the morning.

Failing that - do you know if the socket you are plugged into is the master socket? Do you have a phone to plug into it to see if it has a dial tone for example?