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Hi Cuckoo,
My go live was originally picked as 23rd April by me - if I login to my account online it still thinks my go-live might be from 27th onwards, my router turned up yesterday thankfully - and lo and behold at midnight last night my internet disconnected - I lost my static IP with my current provider and had to put the Cuckoo router in to be reconnceted properly… so that’s great news, but was just higlighting here that I didn’t receive a go-live text or other communication to tell me i had switched over.

Had a couple of other questions:

  1. Initial speeds are slower on sync than my previous ISP, up to 15mb/s down slower if not more (up is about 2-3mb/s slower), I’m assuming line will go through a period of training as per most new/replacement broadband connections and I may see faster speeds by the end of that period?

  2. You previously advised you could only assign me the static IP option once I had gone live - could you now pleae do this?

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There will be a 10 day DLM training period is what they told me. Best not to fiddle at all in that time. Even after that, lots of restarts in a short period (for fiddling with settings etc) can trigger DLM. This is why I’ve always stuck with a seperate router and vdsl modem, that way I can restart/change the router multiple times without affecting the connection, as the modem remains synced.


Hiya @simon.kirk & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community & The Flock !!! :smiley: :hatched_chick:

While that flow chart is only semi right in the online account it doesn’t actively update in real-time but it’s just more of an indication to the transfer/setup journey your going on…I do know the screen your on about however so I’ll tag @dan & @afenton90 into this to look and see if they can make it a little more accurate in the future or at least make it move through the steps,so thanks for pointing this out…it does remove itself roughly 24 hours after you go live however.

Hmm While I’m glad to hear your Cuckoo Router turned up just in time I’m a little concerned how late it was as its normally delivered 5 days before you go live…while I can’t vouch for the postal system at the moment as they are working very hard there could be other reasons for this,But this is a question for @Oliver The Cuckoo Head Of Service to look Into…The Go Live Process Can take upto Midnight on the day to Fully Complete and this is normally when the Text/Email comes out as part of the Automated tools but its normally a lot earlier than this and any Static IP’s Would have been disconnected with your previous provider as it would have been a service they were providing you with and this would also be switched off but not be brought over to cuckoo as the system they use is Dynamic IP Addresses currently in the IPV4 range.

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The Text Message/Email Alert normally comes out when the takeover has completed and your fully on the network but your not the first to mention this in the past few days so I’ll ask @Tommy to look into this with Oliver and to see what’s going on.

Ask Away !!! Questions are always appreciated on here.

There is a process on all OpenReach Based Lines called DLM (Dynamic Line Management) as @MV_Dev_Null explains above where in the initial 10 days there will be a few drops and restarts of the connection while it tests the maximum stable line speed it can provide to you so while this may look low now it should indeed go higher during this process to something your more used to seeing if this doesn’t get better just let the team know or by adding a post here or emailing into hello@cuckoo.co after this short period as you should achieve close to your connection point/cabinet/pole’s maximum but distance from this can affect things.

Static IP’s as you may already know are a separate service to the Standard Dynamic IP Addresses the internet connection uses and while more people seem to prefer them you do have to email into hello@cuckoo.co (and create a support ticket) or by calling the team on 0203 389 7211 to arrange one to be purchased and applied to your account as this costs £1 extra a month on to your account plan (£30.99) when last this was mentioned to the community.

Hope This Helps !!!