Going Live Today Question

Hi fellow feather folk! My go live day is today. I’m in a property that was empty for some months before moving in, so there’s no previous provider. Is it ok to plug in the router, and see whether broadband is up? I have not received a message so far.

Many thanks!


Hey @aurelied!
Welcome to the flock :sunglasses:
As today is your go-live day and you have no previous provider, it will be fine to plug in the Cuckoo router now and see if the lights turn green.

If we’re ready to connect you to the network then the internet LED should be flashing green. If not, you’ll just have to wait until Openreach has completed connecting you. This can take up to 11.59 this evening, but in almost all cases it’s actually sometime during the day.

Give it a try and see! If you’re still not connected by this evening then drop us an email at hello@cuckoo.co with your name and address and we’ll take a look.

Good luck!


Hiya @aurelied (Aurelie) & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community & Almost To The Flock !!! :smiley: :hatching_chick:

Also just as a side note to the above information from @Tommy The Community is near enough open 24/7 so Drop a post and someone will respond even if the Cuckoo Team are not around outside of hours (sometime they are) we are all sharing our knowledge to help each other like a real life community used to do as either Customers or Lurkers or just people who like to talk and get involved.

Hopefully Your Switch On is on schedule and if not Please Let The Team (By Email Above) or the Community (on this wonderful thing) know.


Hi @Tommy ! Feeling very welcome :sunglasses:

Thanks for responding with such a lightning speed answer! It is plugged in and flashing red still for now - I’ll wait until later this evening. Fingers crossed!


@PhantomR1982 Thanks, what a neat nest to fall into! :hatching_chick:

That sounds wonderful, I’m really pleased you both responded to this little thread. I’ll be keeping an eye out here on the community. Have a nice day!


Hi both! A small update, I’m still not live and received a message from Cuckoo overnight detailing Openreach communicated that there’s a problem. I have emailed the Team to ask for guidance, hopefully Openreach contact me soon to organise a visit and it doesn’t have to take too long.

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Hiya @aurelied

Oh Dear thats not ideal at all,hopefully when the team see your support ticket they will get straight onto it and find out whats gone wrong.

If an engineer is needed im sure the team will arrange one for you @oliver @jake & @Tommy are good like that.

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Hi @aurelied, I have just responded to your contact. It looks like Openreach need to carry out a bit more work to get you connected.



Hi @PhantomR1982 and @Oliver , thank you both for responding so fast again! I appreciate the update, Oliver. Fingers crossed they get back soon with a time frame.

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