Going offline for 5 months

If I am on a month to month contract and I am going to Spain for 5 months - how to I cancel and how do I get back online?

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Hiya @Michael & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

If your a Cuckoo customer when you put the disconnection request in with the Team either by calling them or sending your request through to hello@cuckoo.co they will arrange to cease your line/number/service as an account closure within 14 working days just like transferring to a new provider or moving home for example.

Upon your return or within 14 Days before if you arrange to sign up again on the website Cuckoo.co the new service can be ready at the property for you.

This will however be treated as a new connection and WILL However incur the £60 Connection fee that the network charges to get the service up and running.

Hope This Helps.

Thanks for the info.

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Hiya @Michael

One thing I forgot to mention above there are NO Exit Fees with Cuckoo to close or Transfer your service to a new property.

Thanks for that. The £60 reconnection fee means that it may be better to simply stay with current provider. If the fee was £30 or so, it would make a big difference. We go to Spain for 4 or 5 months every year & it seems stupid to pay for Broadband and not use it for such a long time.

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Hiys @Michael

Cuckoo are always looking into options like this but they are sometimes limited to what the network they use can offer them but never say never.

Your not the first to ask for a 'Hibernation" Option for the Phone & Broadband Service to keep it active while you go Abroad & that said all I can advise is to watch this space and see what the team can come up with.

Out of Curiosity are you with Cuckoo currently or as you just mentioned “current provider” is this a 30 day contract service or 12/18/24 month contract do they offer this option.

The £60 Connection Fee does have many layers to it but i see your point and will pass this on to the CEO @Alex & Head Of Service @oliver for feedback reasons so on behalf of the team thanks for this insight.

Thanks. I am currently with Virgin. They advise their fees increase by £2.50 per month from 8 March. I can get out without penalty up to 1 March. So, I’m looking at options. You & Now are the only providers with monthly contracts and Now have the same £60 re-connect. This means 2/3 months off line is not worth changing.

Hiya @Michael

It’s always worth weighing up the costs and doing the research on the price points this current CPI (Consumer Price Index) & RPI (Retail Price Index) Inflation rate isnt helping either each year let alone the networks putting there prices up.

This is one reason the CEO Of Cuckoo set this company in motion to fix Bad Broadband Services…theres always a long road to go down so only time will tell.

Whatever Choice You Make I Hope its the right one for you but dont let them hold you to ransom on the loyalty tax or increased prices…play smart.

Tip:- Ring Through To Virgins Loyalty Department/Disconnections Team and say you found a better offer and you just watch them squirm but have an answer ready for them as they will try to keep you it may surprise you what a little bartering can do.

Good Luck !!!

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