Happy New Year Hatchlings!

Well Its Here Hatchlings !!!

2021 Has Arrived

So Lets Just Hope that while we are still having the issues that 2020 created with the Pandemic and the new world rules that we must abide by to #StaySafe that this Year will be easier to manage and live in.

Heres to 2021 and whatever it may hold good or bad.

or at worse sending the men in yellow and white coats in to take the CEO @alex away for a break and to recharge and then @tommy has to take over.

I wonder if Cuckoo would survive ???

Happy New Year Everyone.


Happy New Year everyone!! :partying_face:

haha! hopefully it doesn’t come to that…

Footage of me on my first day as CEO:


Hehehe thats soo you @Tommy

We know the mess you left the billing server in when you went on holiday with all those gremlins.

Poor @dan was pushed to breaking point writing patches and recoding
to fix it before direct debits went out.

That would be me too, to be fair! How can you just not push big red buttons…


Tbh I fail at this as @Oliver will attest. One customer might be getting the wrong router as I pressed the wrong button… :pensive:


Wrong Router ??? YOU Have More Than ONE Available @Alex !!!

Maybe you should Put ME on a Training Course or would that be Deadly :smiley:

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Interest intensifies :joy:

Cuckoo Beta team when :thinking:

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Ooohhhh Cuckoo Beta Team :+1:

Phantom Likes This. :+1: :+1: :+1: