Home wifi systems

So I’ve been a user of mesh systems now for a couple of years. Firstly the Sky Q system, which I wasn’t too impressed in. Then Google Wifi which was a bit better. Ubiquiti unifi which was just amazing, but totally overkill for what I need (and was too inflexible to adapt when it needed). And then my beloved Fritz which have been the happy sweet spot for the last 2 years or so.

I’ve just purchased some Plumes though to see how they work and their ‘managed system’ and ‘adaptive wifi’ if it’s groundbreaking or not as they claim.

What are people’s experiences? Or have you found standalone router coverage to be good enough (I never have personally)?

Mesh networks are cool, but I don’t think home-user kits are advanced enough for certain things yet, without having to pay through the nose for high-end kits. My parents got one as the house they have is pretty awkward for getting signal into every room (thanks breeze block wall!), but it doesn’t like certain applications.

I normally use my Oculus Quest 2 with Virtual Desktop/Air Link (wireless PC VR) and it absolutely hates mesh networks, but loves my standalone WiFi 6 router I have in my own flat.

I paid ~£150 - £200 for my router and my parents paid around the same, yet I have a much higher throughput and capacity on my network, even if they do have slightly more range.

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Hey Chris,

This is why I purchased a mesh system. I have an L shaped bungalow so it was harder to get wifi in all the bedrooms than most of the garden! I have been toying with WIFI 6 but I just don’t have enough devices compatible to warrant yet.

My primary objective is to find a decent wifi system in which the AP decides the best route for the device rather than a lot of systems whereby the device chooses and the network trying to play catchup. Also I have a few problems with my stereo pair home pods when one decides on one AP and the other on another.

I would love a business-grade system in gleeful circumstances, but I will have a major uphill struggle justifying. Saying that in Cyprus, the pigeon messenger system works quite well still, even in 2021!

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I mostly agree with you here, but my Oculus is only part of the reason I bought it - I found that newer WiFi 6 routers tend to have beefier hardware in general, so it benefits my other devices too (tri-core CPU, 4x4 5GHz with capability up to 4333mbps on 5GHz AC mode). Doesn’t break a sweat with multiple devices connected and streaming at once :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Alas, I would too. The big money issue is my biggest factor in this. I don’t even care if I can’t justify it at this point :joy:

I’ll have to take note of that as a backup in case the network goes down…

I picked up an ASUS mesh kit when it was on offer on Amazon a few weeks back; believe the two node kit (1x router and 1x node) went for £70? Fitted it into a colleague’s house who has the router in a cupboard (crappy virgin location) and the second node in the upstairs landing and it works a treat. No more deadspots in their property :slight_smile:

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