How has your sports-watching experience been?

As an avid football fan I’m always watching Prem and Champions League football on my laptop.

Just as a feedback exercise from other sports fans:

If you’ve made the switch to Cuckoo already, how have you found the experience?

If you haven’t, what’s something your current supplier could do better regarding streaming live sports?


Finding streaming sites online is 100% something I have never done…

We’re all friends here :eyes:

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I think @Insung is talking about legitimate streaming Alex… :eyes:

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To be fair i would hope that @Insung is talking about Legitimate TV
Streaming @Tommy on such apps like Youtube Live,BT Sports Apps
and in my case Twitch.

Reading Between the lines of his question i suspect hes looking towards the
streaming stability of the Video Streams on the Cuckoo Connection between
another OpenReach/Virgin Cable Based Supplier.

Twitch made a few good advancements with there streaming settings by
offering Low Latency or Normal Latency from the users connection and
i liked this on there part until they messed it up within there apps…but this
would also apply to other methods such as Chromecast/Fire TV/ROKU etc…
I believe this is what “Ghost Gamer Broadband” are aiming to do and also
support the pro event leagues.

I recall someone having a nice 6 second latency when they went live
on there connection so this or less is a plus point for streaming including
stable speeds.

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Interesting point on Twitch. Zoom is probably also investing big bucks to try and make network issues easier to solve aswell (e.g. Neflix pushing into offering speed tests and ISP download average stats).

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Is e-sports, even real sporting?


Trying to Attract Gamers To Cuckoo is also an avenue you may want to
explore,if you can create a network similar to what ghost broadband offers
there prices are quite higher but if its as good as they state gamers will pay it.

Not heard of NeFlix ??? Are they someone new @Alex

With the new Xbox Series X & S and Playstation 5 consoles coming soon
high speed connections are going to be needed for Game Downloads & Updates.

Twitch are one community that is dedicated to gamers so getting some ads in
there would be good or even having a channel but they do other content as well
that i was apart of in 2017 - 2019.

It Is to us gamers @dan as it takes the toll on our brains & hands & fingers and the
amount of Raging at the screen we have to do mobile or console is a skill you earn
over time…network & latency/ping is a must to get an advantage.

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