I have functioning retinas

Just an idea, but with it being 2021 and all, your website could do with a dark mode (or a button). Yes i could use a browser addon but I’m paranoid with passwordy type stuff and would rather not. Monitors are bigger and many have more nits than a primary schoolkid’s head, and all that white is quite painful.

That’s really a Question for @dan and @afenton90 and if he’s looking @insung as they do all the behind the scenes stuff with the website.

However as @Alex likes Yellow & White as a colour scheme for the company I’ll have to book you in for a 1 on 1 meeting to discuss this with him. :laughing:

The Good thing however is the forum has a dark mode so it makes me harder for people to see me in my suit and I meld into the shadows.

We’ve written a piece of code which tracks wherever you go Phantom. It’s called The Phantom Whisperer


@MV_Dev_Null I absolutely want a dark mode, everything I have has been in dark mode for years so it makes sense just need to tie it into the UX budget @Tommy plz?


Thanks Dave, I didn’t think to look in the settings. I can just about bear the home page as long as here is dark. ^^ Think of the electrickery we save by turning off those oleds.

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It’s Rodney Actually,why do you always call me Dave Trigger ??? @MV_Dev_Null :crazy_face:

It took me a while to find those settings but I’m glad I did.



@Tommy where art thou compadre? Will you deny your people the chance to expereince this mode? :waning_crescent_moon:

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