I'd like a new customer referral

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking about signing up to Cuckoo broadband. Could anyone provide a referral code?


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Hey @supershibe. Just messaged you mine! :yum:

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lol. Aren’t you the CEO? :crazy_face: will message you in a bit


I couldn’t possibly comment about that accusation…

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Cant wait till @PhantomR1982 audits this :thinking:


hahaha yeah Alex, aren’t you the CEO?



Hiya @supershibe & Welcome To @Alex’s Crazy Community :crazy_face::egg:

I Mean The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

New Customer Referrals are normally from Active Customers & Community
Members when they are online to Bring There Friends into the Mad House…Now as Crazy as The CEO Is I Hate To Admit it But He Is Actually Customer Number #1 and probably the reason why the company is called Cuckoo because he actually is but no Institution will Take Him In on just this Basis.

However we seem to have lost @James somewhere along the lines with his informative Bird References.

@dan Is this good enough for your Approval on the Auditing Side :stuck_out_tongue:

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Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 18.58.38


@PhantomR1982 I approve


I think y’all crazy. But then again I am as well so I’m no one to judge :laughing:


Sounds like you’ll fit in just nicely then with us all @supershibe & we know when to be serious and when to have some fun.

:crazy_face: :hammer: :fried_egg:

Hopefully you got the referral code earlier to use and if theres any other questions or if your bored read up on some of our previous antics in other posts or jump onto a thread to join in.

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Guys this is the worst day ever. I am not eligible. On top of that, Openreach (and any other provider) can only provide copper broadband of 8mb estimated speed. We are talking about E1 central-east London. :frowning:

I can only go with Virgin which is hella expensive and has a hard credit check.

I’m so sorry :sob:

Awww noooo thats bad news…drop the Crazy Entertainment Officer (CEO) an email on hello@cuckoo.co and see if he has any solutions as Head Office is based in London it could just be that OpenReach havent unlocked the lines everywhere but 8mb is a bit low and points to Classic ADSL Broadband.

Do any of Your Neighbours have BT/TALKTALK/PLUSNET/EE etc.

I’m getting the keys to the property tomorrow (I need my own broadband though). I’m going to check if it uses Openreach/BT’s network. Provided it uses fibre, I suppose if I connect my landline phone (Yes, I have one of those. Welcome to the 90s) and call myself, Cuckoo could somehow track if the local box has some availability. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you all.

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Hiya @supershibe

You can always use the Official OpenReach Checker yourself to see what abilities are available via an active Landline Number or Postcode & Street Address.

This is the system that most providers Lock Into when checking packages at a premisis.

It will tell you its capabilities and what it can offer you and where your connected and
to what exchange.

The Line In The Property will Have to be active to be able to Call yourself or call into
so if theres no dial tone its a no go…The 80/90’s were the greatest of Era’s and i still
have a landline too and a supplier can only track it when its “On Supply” with them
for Billing Purposes but theres no harm in plugging in a landline to see.

If you use the checker link above then crop the top of your image before posting
the results that reveals your location the other stuff will just be the
Exchange/Cabinet’s Tech.

Have Fun With The Keys Today :smiley:

Lot of good stuff there. I didn’t know we had direct access to BT’s checker. The situation looks a little bit bleak I’m afraid. :cry:

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Hi @supershibe, are you able to DM me your information please? I can have a look for you.

BT, Vodafone, TalkTalk and some smaller companies own equipment in the green cabinets on your street. As a result, it may be a case that another provider may be able to provide Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC).


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Thanks so much. Such personalised attention!


It makes me really sad we cant serve you atm. your doge meme alone makes me want to lay the cables myself!

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