I'm sorry, but why can't you leave things alone!?

My connection has been fine all day - 60mbps sync and about 57 throughput. But I just got an e-mail from Jake saying he’s done tests - now it’s odd that as soon as he does that - I keep my sync but my speed goes through the floor - I mean I am struggling to get 15mbps.

Yes I know my line has a fault (since it went in at the end of Feb - which just shows how rubbish OR’s system is) but everything was fine until that e-mail. I am swapping between your router and the Billion and they both report the same thing - 60 sync 15 through - so okay it’s clearly not your router.

Either your tests mess up my line - or TT is congested in this area - in which case I will be off.

My line went in end of Feb on Sky and the router had full sync from start until I left them - I find it really odd that I change ISP and all the faults start.

Sorry my posts are all not fluffy and full of love - but there you go - I am annoyed I moved ISP to be honest. My kids are suffering as nothing can stay connected when things get mucked about with.

I will let you know what the engineer says/does when he comes - and then I’ll give it a month and decide.

Edit: - flip they like to talk down to people don’t they? I was doing this when most of them were in Primary School - but they know best apparently.


This is not right…

Hi Pete,

The tests I ran wouldn’t have affected sync speed nor any sync sessions you would’ve had open on your router. It’s an intrusive test, so it would’ve tested all aspects of your connection, however shouldn’t cause any further issues.

The issue that you have on your line is a copper joint impairment, and as I explained in my email to you, this can be down to a distribution pole issue, a junction box issue, or a plethora of different issues that are related to the caveats of using copper to supply broadband.

This will affect your speed significantly - as the data passing through the line from the cabinet to your property is going to be affected by this.

Most if not all faults are unforeseen, and Openreach do their best to fix them in quite fast SLAs, even during the pandemic.

We’ll await the engineer notes from tomorrow’s visit, and as soon as we have any more information we’ll let you know.


I’ve locked this thread just for the purpose of keeping our communication in one place.

We’ll email you with any further updates.